15. two less lonely people

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and so it begins.

"Can we talk?"

Soojung looks at Seolhyun as if she had ten heads, so she hesitates, fiddling with her fingers nervously. However, Seolhyun's eyes were bloodshot red, as if she had cried the whole night. She slowly nods her head in reply, and before she could utter another answer, Seolhyun asks her to follow her down the sidewalk.

The two of them reach a coffee shop near the school campus, Seolhyun holding the door for her as the two of them enter and sit at a booth. Soojung glances at her nervously, while Seolhyun waves a waiter over to order two cups of coffee.

"You wanted to talk to me?" She asks, and Seolhyun purses her lips into a line.

"Are you in love with Taehyung?" Seolhyun beats her to it, and Soojung bites her lip. "I won't judge you if you're in love with him or not."

"Is it bad if I say that I'm slowly falling in love with him?" Soojung replies in a soft whisper, "but after you had confronted me a few days ago, you make it seem like it's bad to love him."

"Stop throwing such a pity party on yourself, Soojung." Seolhyun says, and Soojung feels a tear escape her eye. "We both know it's wrong."

"I'm aware it's wrong, so, so wrong, but I'm falling in love with him." She mumbles, and Seolhyun is the one to start crying now. "Why are you crying?"

"Is it bad to cry?" She laughs softly, wiping her eyes. "Whenever I look at you and Taehyung, I could only feel jealous.. because no matter how wrong it looks, you both look like you're in love with each other."

"I can't tell if you're mad at me or not," Soojung mutters. "You're making me even more confused."

"You make me regret leaving Taehyung every single time I see you with him," she confesses, wrapping her hands around the mug that the waiter had just given the two of them. Seolhyun looks at her, straight in the eyes, and she could only smile sadly. "You make me feel guilty for leaving him, maybe because I am guilty."

"Why would you regret leaving Taehyung if he truly wasn't meant for you?" She asks her, and Seolhyun looks away from her and out the window. It was starting to rain outside, the clouds gloomy and the sun completely vanished from the sky.

"Because I love him," Seolhyun says barely in a whisper, "even though this whole world is fixed, even though Jimin is my soulmate.. whenever I see how happy he is with you, it reminds me how much I still love him."

"Are you sure your mind is not playing games with you?" Soojung questions her. 

"Did Taehyung tell you all about me?" Seolhyun could only ask, ignoring Soojung's question. "Has he told you that I just simply left him the moment I found out that his best friend is my soulmate?"

"Maybe that's why you think you're still in love with him," she mumbles, "you think you're still in love with him because you're the one that left him.. and now you regret doing it."

"I'm still in love with him, and I know I'm still in love with him." Seolhyun says sternly, her eyes darkening and Soojung could only grow terrified. "I still love Taehyung."

"Are you sure that you're still in love with him?" Soojung's voice cracks, and the only person that she could think of is Taehyung. "Because last time I checked, he's in love with me."

"How could you say that?" Seolhyun mutters. "How can you tell me, that you're sure that Taehyung is in love with you? I'm his soulmate."

"Soulmate or not, I was the one there for him, I was the one who watched him at his worst, where were you?" 

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