18. D - half moon

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Nothing comes even close,
to half of you.

He wonders if she's doing alright, if she's been eating her meals, whether she was caught up on her sleep, he even wonders if she was thinking about him. But he could only grimace at the slight chance of her thinking about him after he had only pushed her away. 

However, what he didn't know, was how she was far from being okay, how she was skipping most of her meals because of her lack of appetite, how she was slowly losing count of all the sleepless nights she has had, and she was thinking about him. She was thinking about him every single day, every single minute, but she knew it was wrong.

"Soojung, are you not going to eat your sandwich? You've been staring at it for God knows how long," Jungkook mutters, and she glanced at him after snapping out of her trance. 

"I'm not really hungry," she replies, "do you want it?"

"Can you just tell me what's wrong?" He asks her, "you've been so out of it lately and I can only get more worried about you to the point that it's unsettling to think that you're losing weight because of this."

"I did it," she whispers, and Jungkook raises an eyebrow. 

"Did what?" He questions.

"I was absent for a week because I went to the hospital," she began, "and I decided to permanently remove them."

"W-Why? Did you find out who your soulmate was?" Jungkook lies, he knew exactly who her soulmate was the moment he stumbled upon Taehyung's porch and practically attacked him for hurting Soojung.

"It's Taehyung," she mutters and lets out a bitter laugh. "Sucks, huh? He knew that he was my soulmate too, and he didn't even bother telling me."

 "Maybe he has his own reasons?" Jungkook replies, almost as if it was a question instead. "Maybe he has his own intentions for not telling you? I don't know, I'm just trying to help both of you out."

"You don't need to." Soojung grabs her things as she flashes him a sad smile. She grabs her sandwich and tosses it into the trashcan and Jungkook could only frown. "Because I don't think I'll ever fall in love again, especially for him."

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If only I just had half of you,
then I wouldn't feel like this.

He enters into the cafe, his hood pulled up to cover his hooded eyes. I watch him as he spots me almost instantly, before making his way towards me and taking a seat in the booth. I gesture towards the cup of coffee, and he nods his head as a sign of gratitude before taking a sip.

"How is she?" He asks, and I purse my lips into a line.

From the look of dismay on my face, he winces, before looking out the window and falling into a deep trance. He looked lost, and I suddenly clear my throat to keep his mind off of things.

"How's Seolhyun? Are you guys alright?" He asks when he glances back at me and I only smile sadly. "Have you guys worked things out?"

"I wish," I mumble, taking a sip of my coffee. "But every day it's getting harder and harder to wake up because we still haven't worked things out."

"Me too," he agrees, "I've been losing a lot of sleep because I've been getting nightmares recently."

I stare at him as he pulls his hood off, revealing his face. I slightly gasp, but the air gets caught in my throat as I stare at his face in shock. Taehyung's face looked sullen, the eyebags almost visible and it's almost as if it's starting to sink from the lack of sleep. His eyes are bloodshot red, almost as if he's been crying for nights, and yet, he still manages to muster a smile. 

"You look horrid," I say softly, and Taehyung could only chuckle. "No, I'm serious. You should be taking care of yourself, I don't want your health to get worse just because you're being careless of yourself."

"Do I really look that horrible?" Taehyung jokes, but his face falls when he notices that I'm not breaking out into a smile. "I'll try."

"Don't try to Taehyung, do it." I say, "you look horrible."

Taehyung nods his head in silence, taking another sip of his drink. "Does she know?"

"Know what?"

"About us seeing each other." He replies and I shake my head. "Does Seolhyun know?"

"Both of them don't know that we're seeing each other. If Soojung found out, she'd probably flip out and maybe be really proud of you at the same time," I chuckle, "she's been doing almost everything for us to be back to how we used to be."

"Well, she is the most amazing person I've met," Taehyung says softly. "And I had a feeling this day would come around, where you and I.. become friends.. again."

"Taehyung," I began, and he looks at me with guilty eyes, "I never once stopped being your friend, you know that, right? You just.. went on your own way, without me, but I was still there waiting for you to come back, and I still am."

"I'm glad that you still care about me," Taehyung smiles, "it's actually hard to look at you right now, but I guess I was just so selfish back then because I wasn't Seolhyun's soulmate."

"Speaking of," I clear my throat, "she tells me that she's still in love with you."

"W-What?" He stutters. "She can't be in love with me, she just can't. You're her soulmate, she belongs to you."

"She approached me about it a few days ago, she looked horrible too." I explain, "and I told her that she should get time off to think it through, because we're both each others soulmates."

"Do you love her?" 

"I love her as much as you love Soojung." I reply.

"Then why are you letting her figure things out herself?" He asks me.

"Aren't you doing the same thing for Soojung?" I ask him back. "Soojung looks like she needs time, and she knows that only time will heal everything for her. She knows that within time, she'll finally be able to forgive you and give you a second chance."

"Do you think time will truly tell?" Taehyung mumbles, and the two of us glance at each other with a look that was mixed with doubt and reassurance. 

"Time is the only solution, Taehyung, whether we like it or not."

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