17. ending scene

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I really hope you meet someone,
who will love you more than you do.

It was almost like she was a completely different person.

He remembers seeing her on her first day back in biology class after her weeklong absence. Her face was blank, her lips pursed into a tight line and her eyes almost emotionless. His eyes followed her from the door to her desk, where she plopped down and lazily pulled out her things and slammed them onto the surface. His day gets worse and worse right after that, right after he had tapped her shoulder to get her attention but he only received a cold stare from her shoulder before moving along just like the wind.

She ignored him. But that was the only thing that she could do.

"Don't come near me."

She remembers waking up on that hospital bed after the thirteen-hour surgery, her chest throbbing in pain right after it was ripped open and stitched shut after the petals were removed from her. It'll only hurt for a week, they said. But after that week, all your feelings will be gone, they said. But the only thought that filled her head was, why?

Why was my heart still feelings things? Is it supposed to feel things after I've given up every single emotion I once had?

She remembers pacing around in her bedroom the morning before her class on the first day back from surgery, her heart thumping as if it was going to burst out of her chest. All the thoughts of 'what if he sees me?' or 'should I approach him?' could only haunt her on the trip to the campus, but it dawns on her the moment she walks into the classroom.

She felt a pair of eyes of whom she knew belonged to him, watching her as she walks to her seat and she pulls out her things. The same questions filled her mind once again, why is my heart still feelings things? Is it supposed to feel things after I've given up every single emotion I once had?

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She slowly opens her eyes after a twenty-minute power nap, glancing up through squinted vision to see a familiar set of crescent eyes that looked at her with concern. Her eyes trail down towards the two cups of coffee in both of his hands as he hands one to her.

"You look like you're about to die."

She could only laugh bitterly, grabbing the cup from him before mumbling a soft thank you before adding, "maybe because I probably am dying."

His bright expression suddenly changes into one of worry, and he takes a seat across from her. He places his hand on hers, and she could only flinch at his sudden gesture. He notices how she immediately jumps in her spot, and he slowly retreats his hand to ease the awkwardness.

"Are you.. joking?" He asks her, and she could only laugh, but this time, it was genuine.

"I'm joking, do you not know how to joke around?" She replies, shaking her head.

"Are you sure you're okay? You've been absent for a week." He questions her with the same unchanged expression of worry, and she simply nods her head.

"I'm fine," she mumbles, "but I could be doing better."

Jimin could only look into her eyes, taking note of how emotionless they looked. He couldn't compare her eyes to the bright, cheerful eyes that she once had the first time he had bumped into her in the hallway. It was almost as if he was sitting in front of a whole different person, as if someone had replaced her in almost a week.

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