Chapter 36

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Brian's POV

Leighann, Baylee and I all sit down on the couch with a bowl of popcorn as we wait for Nick and Mal's episode of celebrity wedding to start. The show starts and we wait to see what happens while Nick and Mal talk about their first and second proposal "Aww both of those were great proposals especially the first one when he proposed in the nursery." I look at Leigh Anne and laugh at her comment. The show continues and I smile when the clip of their vows are over and the two of them kiss each other and say I loved they had both really changed from when he had cheated. The show was great I was going to get a copy and show it to Jack and Katherine when they got older plus you never knew when you might need it.

Nick's POV

I walk in the bedroom that afternoon and see Mal sleeping we hadn't found out what we were having yet she was still in the early months but this was one was really taking a lot out of her. The morning sickness was bad and she hardly had any energy at all I sit next to her and start rubbing her back she yawns then wakes up and looks at me I smile "Hey beautiful, how are you?" She sits up then lays her head on my shoulder. "I feel tired but I want you to feel something." She takes my hand then puts it on her stomach a few seconds later I feel kicking our third baby was healthy. I kiss her "I can't wait to find out what we are having." I was really excited hopefully this one wouldn't be our last.

Mallory's POV

I wanted to surprise Nick with Christmas coming up I hadn't gotten him a gift yet we had all of the gifts for the kids but we didn't have anything for each other. Nick had everything money, fame, a nice car, we had two houses plus he had Nacho so I was clueless on what to get Nick for Christmas I leave the house to go shopping and being hunting for the perfect gift for Nick. I shop for hours then the idea hits me as I walk past a sports store Nick loved the buccaneers I could get him season tickets I leave then go home find my laptop then order his gift. This Christmas was going to be great but next year would be better with the new baby being with us.

Nick's POV

Christmas was coming we got a daily reminder from Jack and Katherine about their letters to Santa and what they wanted Mal and I to get them from Christmas. Mal had asked what I wanted I told her I had everything I wanted which was true we had fixed everything, I had two great kids with another on the way I didn't need or want anything else but I knew she would try anyway. I had bought her gift months ago I just wouldn't have it delivered until Christmas morning her gift was a black Range Rover she kept saying she wanted something stronger and bigger since our family was expanding. I hoped she liked the car I knew it was a big gift but I wanted her to have it nothing was too much or too big.

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