Chapter 5

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Nick's POV

I was hanging out with a few fans at an after party I take a seat at the bar then order a drink. I look over when a girl sits next to me she had blonde hair, she was wearing a low-cut top giving me a glance of her black bra she was in tight leather pants as well she smiles "I'm Candace." "Nice to meet you" "How about a drink?" She nods. We get out drinks then she looks at me "I really enjoyed your show you were great." Her hand brushes against my arm "Thank you glad you had a good time." I run my eyes over then she looks at me. "You know I think we could have more fun if we were someplace else." "Sounds great let's get out of here." I nod then we leave the bar and go back to my hotel room. She kisses me then wraps her arms around my neck I kiss back then push her back against the wall then pick her up she grabs my shirt then pulls it off me and starts kissing down my neck. I moan then carry her over to the bed then lay her down she pulls off her shirt exposing her black bra I pull the cups down then take her breasts in my hands I put one in my mouth and start sucking on them then bite down on her tan skin. She runs her hands down my chest then unbuttons and unzips my jeans I pull them off and throw them in the floor I grab her pants then pull them off as well I grab her black thong then tear it off and pull it over my shoulder. I push into her then speed up right away which makes her let out a loud moan.


Mallory's POV

I let out a sigh as I put an upset Jack to sleep that night Nick had promised to call every day he was gone but we haven't heard from him at all this week. I walk out of the room then check Twitter he hadn't posted anything in a few days I call him but all I get is a voice mail I understood that he could be busy and had a lot going on right now I would try calling him again in the morning. I go to bed then look over at Nick's empty side of the bed he needed to call soon or he was going to be in for a surprise when he got home if he didn't he had promised Jack, maybe I was just over thinking everything. I yawn then fall asleep.

Nick's POV

During the next week of my tour I end up sleeping with Candace multiple times it becomes an every night thing after my shows. When I'm not with her I'm busy performing, going to sound checks, VIP meetings, lunch time performances and after parties and all other the things that come with being on tour after the events for the night are over with I leave the theater then go back to my room. I walk in and see Candace stretched out on the bed with a sheet draped over her I smirk to myself then pull off my shirt, kick off my shoes and take off my pants I walk over and get on the bed she sits up then kisses me and wraps her arms around my neck I kiss back then run my hands down her back. She moves around a little and the sheet falls off showing her naked body I kiss down her neck then push her back on the bed. She runs her fingers through my hair I go to her breast then pinch and pull on them she moans then slides my boxers off into the floor I slide into her then she wraps her legs around my waist as I begin to speed up and go harder. After we've finished I get out of bed then go take a shower to remove the sweat I plug my phone up then walk in the bath room.

Mallory's POV

Nick finally calls to talk to Jack so I was going to overlook him missing out on a whole week but then things start to change after that. It gets longer and longer between Nick calling to talk to him then I try to send him a video message so he could see Katherine take her first steps but he never answers and I begin to feel disappointed in him I couldn't believe that he would miss such a huge mile stone for our daughter. I send him text messages too but I never get a reply I didn't like the way this was looking and I was starting to get a bad feeling from this since he was in South America and I wasn't there with him.


I had flown down to Brazil to visit with Nick to see how the tour was going I walk through the theater then find the dressing room I walk in then stop. Nick was sitting on the couch with some blond in his lap kissing her she was kissing back and unbuttoning his shirt I cough then Nick looks at me he looks back at the girl "Give us a minute." She nods then walks out and I wait until I hear her shut the door. "What the hell are you thinking Nick? I can't believe that you would do something like this!!!! Have you slept with her?" He sighs then looks up at me and runs his hands through his hair. "Yes I've slept with her a lot actually she's been with me since the first week of the tour." Hearing Nick say that really pissed me off he was tearing his family apart and he had ruined his marriage. "Nick you've ruined your marriage. You must tell Mal what you've been doing!!! She's been calling us wondering if we heard from you is the blonde why you've been ignoring your wife!!!! We all saw the video of your daughter taking her first steps but you missed that!!!" Nick looks down at the floor then takes a deep breath and I feel nothing but disappointment in one of my best friends I never thought that Nick would cheat on her twice. "What do I do AJ?" I walk over and sit down next to him" First you end it with her she's trouble for you, second you go see Mal and tell her face to face that you cheated on her after that I can't help you." He nods then pulls his wedding ring out of his pocket I walk out and let him have time alone.

Nick's POV

I sit in my empty dressing room thinking about everything that AJ had said and I realize he was right I had messed up, I ruined my marriage and I was going to tear my family apart when I told Mal what had happened. I pull out my phone then look down at the picture of Katherine he day she was born my beautiful baby girl she had taken her first steps my little girl was walking now and I had missed seeing it I would never get to say that again I had let all of them down. I hadn't been calling Jack every day like I promised I wasn't talking to Mal anymore it had been awhile since I heard from her I look through my messages and voicemails she had been trying to call me and talk to me I felt terrible. I break down then start crying. Candace walks in a few minutes later she looks at me "We have some time before your show we can still have a little fun." I turn and look at her then stand up. "You need to leave this is all a mistake I'm not doing this anymore." She glares at me "You will pay for this." She walks out of them room then I let out a sigh I know what I would have to do when I got home and when I think about it I feel depression take over me.

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