Chapter 8

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Nick's POV

I let out a sigh when my phone starts ringing I roll across the bed then answer without even looking at the number. "Hello?" "Hi Nick." My heart skips a beat I sit up "Mal?" "Yeah it's me I thought we should talk." I sigh I just wanted her and our children back with me I couldn't handle this I hadn't been the same since she left. "Please come home baby." "I can't Nick it hurts too much right now I can't even think of you touching me right now." I close my eyes I had really hurt her this time and I hated that. "I miss you Mal please come home." "I miss you too, so do the kids but I need some more time." I didn't like the sound of that because the longer she was gone she could change her mind and move on. "I love you Mal you're the only girl for me believe that." "I have to go Nick." She hangs up and I feel some relief I knew that they were all okay and safe. Mal missed me that was a good sign it meant that she still loved me plus she had called and talked to me it was a good start.

Mallory's POV

I look down at my phone after I hang up I did miss Nick even more than I thought I did. I want my life back I wanted to go home and be a family again I want Nick back!! I still had feelings for him even after what he did during the tour. I want to save our marriage I wanted this to work out so we could be happy again but I didn't know what to do, I knew I would have to go back eventually but I was still hurting and I wasn't over what Nick did. I walk over to the window and look outside I was happy here I needed more time I was going to stay in Jackson Hole a little longer.

Nick's POV

I sit in the counselor's office for my weekly meeting I wanted to get it together so Mal wouldn't have to worry about me hurting her or making any more mistakes. We begin by talking about my depression he asks if it's gotten worse I tell him that I'm still the same and that I only sleep for a few hours a night, from here we move on to the focus me and Mal plus my cheating. While we are discussing that I tell him she called and talked to me he said that sounded like a step forward to him he wants to know my feelings and what I want to do to fix my marriage and get my family back. That's when I have a break through I'm going to do whatever it takes to get them back I had a lot to do before I saw her again but it would be worth it.

Mallory's POV

I sit down on a bench at the park while Jack plays on the slides I look over at Katherine in her stroller who was enjoying the sun and making noises. "Dada." I let out a sigh they both missed Nick so did I my time here probably wouldn't last much longer we would have to go back home soon. "Are you Nick's wife?" I look up and see a girl in her twenties or thirties standing in front of me. "I am are you a fan?" "Yes, Nick is great but my favorite is Brian. Are you on vacation?" I nod then answer her question but I don't tell the whole truth. "Yeah just some mommy and kids time while Nick works on a few things." She looks at Jack and Katherine which makes me a little nervous but I don't show it. She smiles "You and Nick have adorable children." "Thank you." We talk for a little longer then she has to leave she looks at me "It's been nice meeting you." "You too." She leaves and I take a deep breath I go back to watching Jack and Katherine then think to myself the guys had some great fans. Whenever I saw Brian again I would make sure he followed her on Twitter.

Kevin's POV

It had been almost four months since Mallory had left Nick and she still hadn't come back home we were all worried because Nick wasn't getting any better. He had dark circles under his eyes, you could tell he wasn't sleeping anymore he was still depressed and he was losing weight he was pale and thinner than before I didn't think he could keep going much longer without Mallory he needed them back he hadn't even looked at another woman he didn't know it but he was past it I didn't think he would ever cheat on Mal again. I knew that Nick had put the Canadian part of his tour on hold for a while until he worked things out and got himself together but I didn't know how much time he had left before would have to go on with the tour.

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