Chapter 13

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Nick's POV

I look over at Mallory as we are walking around the ranch while Jack plays with the dogs, I look down at Katherine who's toddling next to me with her tiny hand in mine. I hear Mal take a deep breath as she walks over to one of the horses she starts running her hand up and down its neck "Is something wrong?" I was worried that I had done something that upset her I thought things were going well. She looks at me "Just a little sad that we will have to go back home soon." I knew that going home would bring back me telling her I cheated, her leaving just a lot of bad memories. I wrap my arms around her waist "What if we buy a new house it could be a new start?" She nods then looks at me "I'd like that."

Mallory's POV

Nick and I leave Jackson Hole a few days later I wasn't sure about how Jack and Katherine would adjust to living in a new house. When we get home, Nick meets with the realtor right away he ask for enough time for us to find somewhere new before we put our house up for sale, Nick takes over the house hunting and I stay with the kids, Nick said he had a plan. I trusted him but it did make me nervous since I wouldn't know what to expect when I did see the house after he picked one it did feel good to be back home and to be together again. I hoped that things would only get better for us from here.

Kevin's POV

I look down at my phone and see Mallory's name it had been awhile since I heard from her. "Hey Stranger." "Hi Kev how are you?" "I'm good what about you and the kids?" "We're good we're back home, Nick and I have worked things out he found me in Wyoming we talked so I think that we are going to fix our marriage." That was great news I was happy for them I knew that they would be able to get through it hopefully Nick had learned something from this and wouldn't do it again. "That's great news Mal I'm happy to hear that I wish the two of you the best of luck." "Thanks Kev tell Kristin I said hi." I smile I knew that the two of them would catch up soon enough "I will. After we talk she has to start lunch for her and the kids but promises to call again later then hangs up. Nick and Mal were back together things should start to be normal for everyone.

Nick's POV

We go with the realtor all over the place trying to find the perfect house for us to move to I knew that Mal was happy while were in Wyoming so I was going to find her a ranch and a horse. I still wanted to show her how sorry I was for what I did so this was going to be an apology gift as well, we meet with the realtor and drive out to the outer wooded area of Franklin then he stops we get out and start looking around the house. Mal and I go inside I watch as she slowly checks out every room her green eyes darting everywhere the house had plenty of room on the inside plus extra rooms for guests and any extra children if we had more. Mallory and I step outside on the large porch and we look out at all of the property more than enough room for three dogs, Jack and Katherine would have room to play plus room for Mal's horse. She looks at me "What do you think?" "I love the house especially the space and privacy it's perfect for us do you like it?" She looks up at the house. "It's perfect." I go to talk to the realtor "I'll take it." We all leave then go back to his office Mal and I fill out the paper work then I write out a check for the house only a few more things to do.

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