Chapter 27

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Aaron's POV

We were all sitting around waiting for Nick and Mal to come home from the airport and we were all dying to know if Mal had said yes to his second proposal. I knew that Nick had gotten it together and the therapy had helped him we had talked about it I knew that what had done bothered her., the door opens and all off the dogs plus Jack and Katherine run over to them as they walk in the house. Nick and Mal walk further in the house then he reaches over and holds her hand in the air "She said yes!!!!!" We all laugh.

Nick's POV

Mallory walks in the room and lays in bed net to me I wrap my arms around her then she lays her head on my chest. I was happy that we were home with Jack and Katherine again I had missed them but the trip paid off I was happy that she said yes I look at her when she breaks the silence. "What do you want to do for the vow renewal?" "Do what you want make it as big as you want all that matters to me is that we are renewing our vows and our commitment to each other I love you and I want you to be happy." She smiles then kisses me. I kiss back then roll on top of her I knew things were never going to be bad again we were back to how we used to be.

Mallory's POV

The next day which is our first official day of being back home is taken over by Jack and Katherine, we start with breakfast and cartoons then the rest of the day is busy. We go for a walk then the kids go for a ride on Hacksaw, Jack and Nick play a few games of catch in the yard while Katherine and I sit inside coloring then the two of us have a tea party and play dress up. Later that afternoon Nick gets father daughter time with Katherine while I play with Jack I missed the two of them and it would be a long time before I would want to leave them again. I was going to make up for the last week and spend as much time with our children as possible.

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