Chapter 12

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Nick's POV

I reach over then pull Mal closer to me I open my eyes then look down at her sleeping next to me. I was happy we had a good talk and the break through last night helped I believed that we were in a place now where we would be able to save our marriage. Everything was looking bright I lay there and watch her sleep last night I everything I said was true she yawns then rolls over and looks at me "Morning Nick." I smile then move her hair out of her face. "Morning beautiful." I was hesitant but I needed to know what last night meant for her. "How do you feel after last night?" "I feel better I think we might be okay." I feel a huge weight lift off me this was going to work out. "Let's go out tonight I want to take you on a date." She looks a little surprised and I start to get nervous that she wasn't past this. "That sounds great I'd love to." I kiss her then we get out of bed and get dressed I go to get Katherine and Jack while she goes in the kitchen to make breakfast.


I walk outside then sit on the porch and take in the warm sunny LA morning I start scrolling through my Twitter to see what was going on. I get a few tweets from fans then I see a new tweet from Nick he hadn't been on in a while so I was surprised to see a tweet I go to the tweet and look at it. "Beautiful morning in Wyoming with my beautiful wife #Secondchances." It was good to see they had made up and were working their way back to getting back together. I knew that it wouldn't be easy for them but I felt good about their chances. Mal is good for Nick the two of them belong together I knew they could get through this.

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Mallory's POV

I look down at my dress then put on a black pair of heels I was nervous I wasn't sure what to expect for tonight. I take a deep breath then walk outside and stop Nick was standing in front of a limo holding flowers I walk over then look at him "What's all of this?" "It's all for you tonight is just about you and me." I nod then take the flowers and get in the limo, Nick gets in and shuts the door behind him. We leave the house then go into town and stop at a fancy restaurant I had heard a lot of good things about the food we get out then go inside I look around and see a small dance floor with couples slow dancing. During dinner we sit and talk I ask Nick about the guys and how they've been doing we catch up but we don't bring up his tour after we eat Nick stands up then looks at me, he holds out his hand I look at him then take it. We walk out to the floor and start dancing he wraps his arms around me then pulls me close to him I wrap my arms around his neck then lay my head on his shoulder. All of this was really nice but Nick want over board I didn't like it when he did too much for me, I had enjoyed tonight it was good to go back to how things used to be.

Nick's POV

The house is silent when Mal and I walk in that night we talk to the sitter for a while and she tells us the kids had been out for hours I pay her then she leaves which means Mal and I are alone. I follow her into the bedroom she takes off her heels then puts them in the closet I walk over then stand behind her I start kissing down her neck and she tilts her head back she didn't say no which was a good sign I find the zipper on her dress then pull it down and push the dress down in the floor. I run my eyes over her then kiss her and push her back on the bed she kisses back then unbuttons my shirt I pull it off then throw it in the floor and look down at her she looked beautiful. I kiss down her throat, then move down to her breast and slowly get reacquainted with her body I grab the cups of her bra then pull them down, I gently run my tongue over the tip and she moans. I smile against her skin, reach behind her and quickly unhook it then pull it off and throw it in the floor she unzips my pants then slides them off me I push them off the bed into the floor I kiss her then she grabs my arm. I run my fingertips over the fabric of the black thong she whines then moves against my hand I pull them off then pull off my boxers and slide into her tight wetness. She was better she felt great I start slow wanting to make it last because we had all night.

Mallory's POV

I wake up the next morning then look up at Nick and the events of last night start going through my head. I had mixed emotions about what happened between the two of us I felt better about the two of us but it's still a long road back to trusting him and the way our life used to be but we were making progress so hopefully we would get there eventually. We were married and still loved each other after everything and that said a lot, Nick wraps his arms around me then opens his eyes "how do you feel this morning?" I think about it then answer. "I'm good you?" He smiles "I'm great." He kisses me then we lay there for a while I had missed this.

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