Chapter 2

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Nick's POV

Kevin and Kristin come down with Mason and Maxwell that weekend, Jack and Mason start playing in the yard with Mac and Stella, While Mal and Kristin sit inside with Maxwell and Katherine. Kevin and I walk around the yard watching the boys play and talking he looks over at me "How's life for the Carters?" "It's great we love the new house; Katherine is going to be eight months old soon and Jack will be two Mal and I are happy." Kevin laughs and nods. "I'm glad that you're happy Nick, do you think you and Mal might have more?" I shrug I didn't know the answer Mal and I hadn't talked about adding to our family so I wasn't sure on what to say. "I don't know I guess it's possible." After that Kevin and I talk about sports and basically catch up for a while.

Kristin's POV

I sit in the kitchen with Mal and look over at her as she feeds Katherine some bananas. "How are things with you and Nick?" She takes a deep breath then looks over at me "Things are good I'm just not looking forward to his South American tour this summer, then there's his walker stalker appearance in October then he has the Canadian part of his tour. I know that this comes with him but I don't want him to think that I don't support him." What she was feeling is perfectly normal there as nothing wrong with being a little upset. "At one point we have all felt the same way you have it's not always easy but you make it through." She nods then continues feeding Katherine "Thanks Kristin." Hopefully it would help her out with Nick.

Mallory's POV

That afternoon Kristin and I put Katherine and Maxwell down for a nap, Kevin and Nick come in with Mason and Jack later the two of them eat lunch and fall asleep watching cartoons. The four of us sit in the kitchen and catch up for a while Kevin looks over at me and Nick "The two of you should visit us in LA you have the house up there plus it's been awhile since the two of you have been out there." Nick and I share a look with each other Kevin did have a point Nick and I haven't been in a while. "That sounds great we'll come up and stay in a few weeks we haven't had a date night or time alone in a while." A week would be great Jack and Katherine could stay with my parents while Nick and I took this trip.

Kevin's POV

Nick, Mal, Kristin and myself go out for dinner that night while one of Mallory's friends watches the kids I wasn't sure about it but Nick assured us that everything would be fine. We leave the house then drive to one of the restaurants in Nashville it was nice to visit Nick and Mal her and Kristin were good friends plus the two of us had gotten very close since she found out she was pregnant with Jack so it was always good to see the two of them again. While we are eating, we talk about Nick's and Mal's visit to LA, his upcoming South American tour and their two year anniversary would be coming up soon as well.

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