Chapter 1

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Nick's POV

I roll over then pull Mallory closer to me she yawns then wakes up and looks at me I kiss her and she kisses back then wraps her arms around my neck. I pull away then look down at her "Good morning beautiful." She runs her fingers through my hair "Morning handsome." The silence in the house is interrupted by crying coming from Katherine's nursery I down at Mallory then smile. "Our little princess is awake." Mal kisses me again "You get Katherine I'll get Jack then we can have breakfast." The two of us get up and get dressed Mal walks down the hall to Jack's room with Stella at her feet, I walk in the nursery and walk over to Katherine's nursery then walk over to the crib and pick her she looks at me and smiles "Dada." "Good morning princess." I pick her up and kiss her head I was happy I loved my life but I knew that in a few months I would have to leave for my South American tour.

" I pick her up and kiss her head I was happy I loved my life but I knew that in a few months I would have to leave for my South American tour

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Mallory's POV

After I wake up Jack we go downstairs and I start making pancakes for breakfast Nick walks in the room with Katherine in his arms then he puts her in her highchair. He walks over then wraps his arms around my waist I turn around then kiss him and wrap my arms around his neck he pulls away then looks down at me "I love you." "I love you too." Once the pancakes are finished we sit down and start eating breakfast together. After breakfast Nick feeds Nacho while I feed Mac and Stella I walk I the living room and see Nick playing with the kids he was a great dad and he loved spending time with them but I hated that he was going to be leaving for South America closer to the Summer. We hadn't talked about what we were going to do but visiting him would be harder this time with two kids than the first time when we had Jack.

Kevin's POV

Kristin and I get up early that morning while Mason and Maxwell sleep, Maxwell was only a few months old while Mason would be two a little after Jack's birthday. I look over at Kristin as the sun begins to pour in the kitchen "I was thinking about taking a trip to Franklin to visit Nick and Mal we haven't seen them in a while I think it would be a lot of fun." She nods then looks at me. "I'd love that talking on the phone only works for so long I'd love to visit with Mal plus Mason and Jack would probably love to play together again." Glad she was excited and looking forward to the trip a change of scenery would be good plus I hadn't seen Nick in a while I was looking forward to seeing Jack and Katherine again they were cute kids. "Great we can pay them a visit this weekend." She stands up then walks over and sits down in my lap I kiss her then she kisses back and wraps her arms around my neck. I run my hands down her waist then start kissing down her neck good thing we woke up early this morning.

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