Chapter 34

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Mallory's POV

I look over at Nick as we are driving home from the airport "are you disappointed?" he looks at me and I can tell my question surprised him. "Why would I be disappointed we had a great trip, we got to be alone together I missed the kids but disappointed is the last word I would use." I smile reach over then hold his hand he lifts mine then kisses it. "Any signs yet?" I knew he wanted another baby and maybe we would have one "Too soon to tell we will just have to wait and see." We stop by my parents' house then pick up Jack and Katherine. I pick up Jack while Nick picks up Katherine she looks at him "did you bring me a present?" He smiles then kisses her cheeks "I love you too princess and yes you and your brother both have presents." She hugs him and I laugh Nick had spoiled his little princess just like I knew he would and he would do the same with our next boy or girl he was a great dad I knew he would love the next one just as much as he loved Jack and Katherine.

Nick's POV

Jack and Katherine start playing with their new toys when we get home I play with Nacho for a bit while Mal spends time with Mac and Stella I watch her and I can tell that she's happy to be back home. I go to the play room to spend time with Jack and Katherine I hear the door shut I look out the window and see Mal waking down to the barn to see Hacksaw I watch her and see if there is even the slightest sign she could be pregnant. I couldn't tell I knew Jack hadn't been planned, but we didn't have to try long for Katherine so hopefully it would be the same for this one now was the perfect time for us to expand our family. I look away then go back to playing with the kids.

Kristin's POV

I walk in the living room and sit down when I get a call from Mallory. "Hey Mal how was the second honeymoon?" "It was great we had a really good time the cabin was small and the view was amazing." She sounded happy and chipper what you would expect from someone who just got back. "Do you think you could fly down for a few days?" Something didn't sound right "Is everything okay Mal?" I hear her take a deep breath then she answers my question. "I'm late and I don't want to say anything to Nick yet in case I'm not he will be upset." So, that's why she sounded upset we were friends if she needed someone I would be there. "Yeah I will fly down just relax and don't worry." "Thanks Kristin." I was thrilled for them.

Mallory's POV

I look at Kristin sitting on the bed next to me as we look down at the pregnancy test I was waiting for results she gives me a small smile. "Everything will be fine Mal you're a great mom you and Nick can handle three just relax." I nod then look down at the test in my hands and see a positive sign. I was surprised it happened this soon we had talked about it and were trying but we were also focusing on our family and starting over. I was happy Nick and I had created another life we would be having another baby I just hope that Jack and Katherine would be okay having a brother or sister. Now how was I going to tell Nick?

Nick's POV

I walk in the kitchen that night and see Jack and Katherine sitting at the table I walk over to Mal then wrap my arms around her waist. "What's for dinner?" She turns around then looks at me "You might want to check and make sure it's right though." I walk over to the counter open the pizza box then look down it takes me a minute but the pepperoni spelled out something. "You're going to be a daddy." I look at Mal who is watching me "What does this mean?" She walks over looks up at me and smiles. "I'm pregnant." I couldn't believe this I pick her then spin her around and jump for joy we were going to have a baby. I smile then kiss her and wrap my arms around her waist she kisses back then I put my hand on her stomach where my third child was growing inside her.

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