Chapter 33

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Kevin's POV

We were still thinking about doing a Vegas residency it wouldn't be for maybe another year or longer but it was a definite possibility. There would be a lot of advantages to doing the residency our families could come with us; we could come home and be with them and it would be a lot better than going on a tour which would work out for Nick. There would be plenty of time for us to talk and plan everything out as a group for now I knew that most of us were enjoying time with our families and business was the last thing on Nick's mind while he was on his second honeymoon.

Nick's POV

I walk in the bedroom then jump on the bed and land on top of Mal she laughs then wraps her arms around my neck I look at her then kiss her. She kisses back then runs her hands under my shirt I start kissing down her neck she grabs my shirt then pulls it off me and throws it in the floor I grab her shorts then pull them off and toss them in the floor. She runs her hands down my chest she grabs my shorts and gives them a tug on the band I pull them off then kiss her shoulders and bite down on her skin she moans then gives my hair a hard tug. I pull her legs around my waist then slowly enter her she digs her nails into my shoulders I feel her wedding and engagement rings dig into my skin but it wasn't a bad pain it didn't hurt much I enjoyed it. This time it meant something we were trying for a baby plus it was our second honeymoon we would have to go home in a few more weeks and we wouldn't have as much alone time.

Mallory's POV

I look over at Nick and laugh as he's panting he rolls over then looks at me. "Have fun?" I nod then kiss him and wrap my arms around his neck he kisses back then gets on top of me I look at him and run my fingers through his hair. "Christmas will be coming up soon we should start shopping for Jack and Katherine." He nods then starts kissing down my neck "We will definitely start shopping but for now I have other plans." I shake my head Nick could be impossible sometimes. We would have to call my parents later to talk to Jack and Katherine I was having a good time with Nick but I always missed our children when we were away from them.


I was happy for Nick and Mal I really was I was glad they fixed everything but they were killing me with the lovey dovey mushy tweets about each other and for each other. Every day one of them would post a picture and some tweet about each other a person could handle so much I look at the picture Nick put up this morning and roll my eyes. It was Mal sleeping wrapped up in sheets and the caption was "Sleeping beauty on second honeymoon #wakeup #mylove." Nice to see they were having a good time I couldn't blame Mal for wanting to catch up on her sleep. I send back a comment then go to find Ava so we can play outside.

Nick's POV

I feel lips start going down my neck I yawn then open my eyes and see Mal sitting on top of me she leans down then kisses me and I get the taste of mint. I kiss back then put my hands on her waist she puts one hand on my shoulder then she moves against me causing a lower part of me to wake up I roll over then get on top of her and pin her arms above her head. She looks up at me I grab a handful of her hair then pull it hard she moans then I kiss down her neck and bite down on her throat hard she sighs in frustration then I tighten my grip on her arms. I get off the bed then look through my suitcase find one of my ties I go back to the bed then tie her hands together then tie the other end to the head board she looks up at me and I notice her eyes get a little darker this was turning her on. I get back on top of her "Ready?" "Yes sir?" I close my eyes then look back at her and she's biting her lip I push legs apart then roughly slide into her and start off rough. Maybe I should go back and watch Fifty shades of Grey with her again.

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