Chapter 19

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Group POV

We all have a good time with Mal and Nick, all the kids were playing in the yard with Mac Stella and Nacho they were all laughing running around and playing. We were happy that the two of them were back together you could tell they were happy together they were both laughing and smiling plus touching each other it was cute. We were all very happy for them and we hoped that they would have a lot of happy days in their new home we stay until it starts getting late then we go back to our hotel so Mal and Nick could have some time alone.

Nick's POV

Once the kids are asleep it's just me and Mal it was great to see everyone again I loved that Mal was happy here plus with all of them staying in town the next week would be a lot of fun for us and the kids with everyone in town. Mal walks over to me she kisses me then wraps her arms around my neck I kiss back then wrap my arms around her waist she looks up at me and smiles. "Thank you so much for the horse Nick today was perfect. I love the new house this was a perfect way to start making new memories." I hold her hand then look at her. "You're welcome I love you I love to see you happy. I will spend forever making you happy that's all that really matters to me." Which was the truth I just wanted her to be happy.

Mallory's POV

I yawn when Nick cuts off the lights in the kitchen, I turn off the lights in the living room but leave on a lamp then we go to our room. Nick yawns after he pulls off his shirt I smile then go in the bathroom brush my teeth then go back in the bedroom I look over and see him in bed close to galling asleep already it had been a long day I knew that both of us were tired. I put on a pair of Disney pajamas then get in bed he wraps his arms around me then kisses my head "Cute pajamas." "Thank you." I lay my head on his chest then yawn his breathing slows and I can tell he's asleep. I curl up closer to Nick then fall asleep a few minutes later.

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Nick's POV

I pull Mallory closer to me and wrap my arms around her she buries her head against my chest I open my eyes then look down at her. I loved getting to wake up with her it felt good to have here there next to me it was a nice feeling I never wanted to go without, the last few months had changed me I learned a lot I was never going to cheat on her again I had almost lost her and our children and I didn't want that. I kiss her head then pull more of the blanket over her I could watch her sleep for hours she looked beautiful and peaceful I get out of bed then get dressed I go downstairs to start breakfast, it wasn't her birthday, mother's day or our anniversary but today was her day because she was my queen.

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