Chapter 7

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Nick's POV

I begin going to counseling not long after Mal leaves I needed to get it together I couldn't keep hurting and disappointing her I wanted to be the right guy I wanted to be a good husband and father. I write letters to Mal every day I could get my feelings out better that way whenever Mal finally read the letters she would know what I meant I walk in the kitchen then sit down and begin writing my letter for the day. "Mal you've only been gone for a few days but it feels like it's been so much longer than that the house isn't the same without you. I miss you and the kids so much I'm so sorry for what I did I feel terrible for hurting you I never wanted that to happen I didn't I know you probably won't believe me so I won't ask you to. I write you a letter every day, I've tried to call you but you've changed your number I understand that you need some space but I think about you all the time I can't sleep without here I miss having you in my arms. I love you I'm sorry that I've made you think that I don't you're the only girl for me I just want you to know that I'm going to wait for you." I fold up the piece of paper then put it with the rest of the letters I've wrote. I hoped she would come back to me because I needed her.

Kevin's POV

I let out a sigh then throw my phone down on the table we had all tried to get in touch with Mal but she had changed her number Nick had me and AJ constantly checking their house here in LA to see if she showed up but so far no sign of her. Nick was depressed he wasn't going to be okay until she was back and things were fixed but that could take a while we were all feeling Mal being gone as well all of the girls missed her especially Kristin the guys missed Mal too we hated that we had lost a friend and part of our family. She wasn't in Nashville or LA that didn't help any of us or Nick there were still tons of places she could be and none of us knew where to look.

Mallory's POV

I sit down while Jack and Katherine are napping I pull out my phone then dial Kevin's number I let out a sigh as I wait for him to answer. "Hello?" "Hey Kev it's Mal." "Mal thank God where are you are all of you okay?" I take a deep breath then answer his questions. "We are all okay I don't want Nick to know where I am but we're all safe, I miss Nick Kev I don't know if I can make it." I hear him take a deep breath then he's silent I knew that he was thinking and trying to avoid bringing out the daddy backstreet and the temperamental side of him I hear him sigh then he speaks. "I'm glad that all of you are okay we're all worried about all of you. I wish I knew that to do to help the two of you fix this Nick misses the kids. He misses you too Mal he needs you he's just not the same without you he's in a bad depression right now but he is seeing a counselor." I sigh then look down at the floor I hated that Nick was depressed but I couldn't trust him not after a second time he had hurt me. "I can't think about that Kevin I can't go back." "I know that you need space and time I understand that but I think the two of you need to talk to each other not for yourselves but for the kids you should talk to each other." Once again Kevin was right Jack and Katherine were Nick's children too so I guess we probably should talk but calling Nick and talking was one conversation I really dreaded having.

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