Chapter 29

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Mallory's POV

I follow Nick into the bedroom then look around the room it takes a few minutes for me to notice what has changed our ceiling was now mirrored I could see our bed and my reflection. "What's the new ceiling for?" Nick stands behind me then wraps his arms around my waist he starts kissing down my neck then whispers in my ear "So I can watch you." I'm stunned and I start to feel a little shy about this. He runs his hands under my shirt then pulls it off her walks around in front of me then pulls me over to the bed he pushes me back on the bed then gets on top of me he kisses me then I kiss back and wrap my arms around his neck. Maybe a mirrored ceiling wasn't such a bad idea.

Nick's POV

It doesn't take long for there to be a pile of clothes in the floor I gently bite down on Mal's shoulder and she digs her nails into my shoulders I lean down then kiss her she kisses back and bites down on my lip. I run my hands down her waist then push her legs apart and slide inside her she lets out a small moan then I start to speed up I put my arms above her head then look down at her and take in every inch of her. Her long brown hair, glowing green eyes, pale skin her body that had gained curves from two pregnancies the few lingering stretch marks across her flat stomach. She was beautiful and she was mine.

Brian's POV

We all go with Nick for our tuxes for their second wedding I look over at Nick as he stands in front of the mirror. "How do you feel about doing this a second time?" he takes a deep breath then looks at me "I know I'm going to get it right this time I don't want to hurt her again it was so hard to get her back I can't lose her." I walk over then pat him on the back. "I know it hasn't been easy for the two of you but you're meant to be together we can all see that." He nods "Thanks Brian and thank you for doing this again." I look at him "Since it's your second time I'm not sending you a waffle maker." We both laugh then go back to the tuxes.

Kristin's POV

We all get fitted for our bridesmaid dresses while Mal has a few adjustments made to her dress she looks in the mirror and starts running her fingers over the small beading. Ro looks over at her "Something on your mind?" She takes a deep breath then looks down at the floor "just a little nervous I guess it didn't go well when we did this the first time." We knew that she might have a few doubts but she did have a point though. I look at her "This time will be a lot different Nick won't do it again we know it he was devastated when you left he's really got it together this time." She nods then we go back to the dress fitting I knew it would work out for the two of them this time.

Nick's POV

I walk outside the next morning take a deep breath and look around I see Jack and Katherine playing with Mac, Stella and Nacho I look down and see Mal in the pasture working with Hacksaw. I smile then walk off the porch and walk down to the pasture she smiles then walks over the fence and smile when I reach her. "Morning beautiful." "Morning Handsome." I kiss her then she kisses back I pull away and look at her "I've been thinking" She climbs over the fence and stands next to me. "That could be bad you know." I laugh at her joke then wrap my arms around her waist "Our second honeymoon where would you like to go?" She looks up at me. "Surprise me." She climbs back over the fence I loved her but she could kill me.

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