Chapter 6

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Brian's POV

I knew that Nick was having a South American tour so I fly down while he's in Argentina I stop by his hotel and knock on the door then wait on him to open it. A few minutes later the door opens and I'm surprised at Nick's appearance this wasn't Nick it was a shell his hair was messy, he hadn't shaved in a few days and he had dark circles under his eyes. "Come on in Brian." I nod then follow him inside he sits down but doesn't say anything he was withdrawn I sit down then look over at him. "Are you okay?" "I cheated on Mal it started at the beginning of the tour, I didn't call Jack I haven't talked to my wife in weeks and I missed my daughter taking her first steps." I was shocked but I don't say anything he felt bad enough I just sit and listen. After Nick finishes telling me everything that's been going on I take a deep breath then reach over and put my hand on his shoulder. "You have to tell Mal I can't tell you how she will take it but I do know that you need to be prepared to work as hard as you can to fix your marriage." He nods then looks down at his wedding ring he had a lot to lose when he told Mal. I would pray for them and for their relationship they would both need some help to make it through what was coming ahead.

Nick's POV

The tour was over now I was only a few more minutes away from being home and I was dreading what was going to happen I know this wouldn't go well. I stop my car get my bags then walk in the house it was silent so Jack and Katherine must be down for their naps which was a good thing I walk in the kitchen and see Mal washing the dishes I take a deep breath then break the silence. "Hi Mal." She looks at me "Hey I'm glad you're home we've all missed you." That was going to make everything a lot harder. "We need to talk it's important it's hard for me to tell you this but I have to it was wrong and I'm sorry." She looks at me and her eyes are wide and she's backing away from me she knew what was about to happen. "I was cheating on you for the first part of the solo tour that's why I didn't answer your messages, that's why I didn't call Jack, that's why I missed Katherine's first steps." She sits down in the floor and starts crying I feel guilt take over me I felt terrible.

Mallory's POV

I was devastated I couldn't believe that Nick would do this to me again I thought the two of us were happy together but I guess I had been wrong he didn't want me he wanted someone else I wasn't enough. I walk in the living room and see Nick sitting on the couch I stand in front of him then look down at the envelope in my hands inside it was my engagement ring, wedding ring and divorce papers I couldn't do it anymore I look at him then hand him the envelope. "These are divorce papers I want out you don't want me I'm taking the kids and leaving you're free." I look away from him as I start crying. He looks at me then stands up and he's crying too "Please don't leave me!! Mal Please I'm sorry!" I throw the envelope at him. "I won't sign these Mal please!!!" I go back inside get Jack and Katherine then put them in their car seats the last things in the car are Mac and Stella I get in start the car and leave. I didn't see the point in trying to save mine and Nick's relationship.

Nick's POV

I watch Mallory take our children and leave I crumble into a heap on the floor. After a while I pick up the envelope and just hold it I open it then put her engagement and wedding ring in the palm of my hand I couldn't believe it!!! She left!!! I couldn't blame her though I had screwed up. I walk through the house and look at the pictures, the maternity pictures from Jack and Katherine our wedding pictures and the two pictures I had placed in the man cave that were gifts for me I sit on the stairs then call Brian. A few seconds later he answers "Hey Nick." "She's gone, she's left she took Jack and Katherine I don't know what to do." "Just calm down we will all be down there soon." I was going to need all the help I could get I was lost.

Kevin's POV

We all fly into see Nick I wasn't happy about what he had done it was a big mistake I couldn't believe he would do that, AJ was beyond pissed off he said he couldn't blame Mal for leaving. We reach Nick's house and when we see him we can tell just how broken he is Mal leaving and taking the kids had hurt him he sits on the couch our main reason for being here was to help him in any way that we could. We all sit and let him talk then he looks at all of us "I have to fix this." Howie looks at him "I think you need to see a counselor Nick get some help this isn't the first time this has happened." He nods then AJ speaks up "Give Mal some space you have hurt her this time." It may not be what he wants to hear from us but it could help.

Mallory's POV

The kids and I arrive at the ranch I was renting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming I thought it would be a good place to get away for a little while. The ranch had a few horses I loved them I had ever since I was a little girl so I could go riding plus there was plenty of space I knew that the kids and the dogs would love all the extra space to run around and play. I get out of the car then take a deep breath the warm sun and the fresh crisp air made me feel a little better I put my thoughts aside then get busy unpacking once everything is unpacked and we are settled in I fix dinner for the three of us. After dinner, we explore the new surroundings I show the kids the horses, after a long day it doesn't take long for the two of them to fall asleep I sigh then walk into my bedroom I change into my pajamas then lay on the bed. I start thinking about Nick why had he cheated on me how could he do something like that? I loved Nick a lot was that not enough for him I missed him right now and it hurt a lot.

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