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Get Down (Nick Carter)  by intothemillennium
Get Down (Nick Carter) by 💚🍃
Nick pushed me against a wall, pinning my arms above my head. I looked in his eyes, they weren't the bright, ocean blue color that they normally are. They are dark and l...
  • brianlittrell
  • kevinrichardson
  • ajmclean
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All I Have To Give by Bubblez411
All I Have To Giveby AJ
A compilation of original fanfiction based on the Backstreet Boys; including BWWM, fluff, smut, slash, and other preferences.
  • bsb
  • wmbw
  • music
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My friend's Little Sister // Nick Carter  by trottaboy
My friend's Little Sister // Maggie
"Se ya." "Not if I see you first." I turned around to face the car. I entered, sat on the passenger seat and saw the confused face of Nick. I laughe...
  • nickcarter
  • teenagers
  • teenfiction
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Show Me The Shape of Your Heart by PassionAngelLove
Show Me The Shape of Your Heartby PassionAngelLove
AJ McLean being a major flirt and the most popular teen boy in Orlando, Florida, develops a crush on a shy teenage boy named Nick who recently moved from California to l...
  • nickcarter
  • ajmclean
  • bsb
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You'll Never Walk Alone... by PassionAngelLove
You'll Never Walk PassionAngelLove
[NO LONGER UPDATING AS OF 6/30/18] 15 year old Nickolas "Nick" Carter loses his memory after falling down a flight of stairs after having an arguement with AJ...
  • backstreet
  • 90s
  • backstreetboys
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Backstreet Boys Imagines by hockeyonbackstreet
Backstreet Boys Imaginesby hockeyonbackstreet
Imagines with your favorite Backstreet Boys! Got any ideas? Feel free to request me! ❤❤❤ *still updating!*
  • request
  • 2000s
  • fanfiction
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Backstreet Boys Imagines!! by NessaBSB
Backstreet Boys Imagines!!by Vanessa
Hey!! So theres not many Backstreet Boys fanfics/imagine on wattpad so I decided to make some!!! Inbox me for requests, vote and comment Follow for more
  • howied
  • backstreetboys
  • nickcarter
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IMAGINES ▷ NICK CARTER  by radiantnineties
I love (Nick)olas Gene Carter, how bout you? If ya do, then you've come to the right place. ♡
  • 90s
  • backstreetboys
  • nickcarter
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You Give Love A Bad Name by FrickingKaos
You Give Love A Bad Nameby Tracy Parr
*THIRD in the Nick and Amanda series!* Meet Nick Carter, a rockstar with a big heart. He has always done what his heart has told him...and it has never led him wrong un...
  • aaroncarter
  • lancebass
  • backstreetboys
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Not The Other Guy by FrickingKaos
Not The Other Guyby Tracy Parr
*SECOND in the Nick and Amanda series* Nick has overcome many obstacles so far, but his biggest challenge is just beginning. He has to prove himself in the music indust...
  • romance
  • nsync
  • jcchasez
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Nick Carter:Single Dad by Neganlover94
Nick Carter:Single Dadby Negan's lover 94
Nick Carter has all he ever wanted: a successful career as a member of the Backstreet Boys, money, married to the girl of his dreams and now a baby being born. When unfo...
  • backstreetboys
  • singleparent
  • love
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Backstreet Boys Imagines... *Slow* by Crue_Head_82
Backstreet Boys Imagines... *Slow*by Kylie Honoret
The title pretty much says it all. I'm making BSB imagines comment a name to me for request of your favorite guy. I will try my best to keep them interesting.
  • ajmclean
  • kevinrichardson
  • kevin
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At The Beginning by FrickingKaos
At The Beginningby Tracy Parr
be·gin·ning - /big2;giniNG/ Noun: 1. The point in time or space at which something starts Adjective: 1. New or inexperienced When Nick and Amanda first met they were fa...
  • lancebass
  • alternateuniverse
  • nickcarter
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love at first sight; joseph mcintyre ♡ by hangintoughbaby
love at first sight; joseph - j. 🥂
-; 18 year old, Olivia Carson bumps into New Kids on the block member; Joseph McIntyre at a concert for Cyndi Lauper.
  • 80s
  • dannywood
  • newkidsontheblock
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brian littrell & nick carter imagines  by seager-
brian littrell & nick carter em
frick + frack ✧ requests will always be open, enjoy loves!
  • littrell
  • 2019
  • howiedorough
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Got Me Goin' Crazy-Michael Conor by kaityj01
Got Me Goin' Crazy-Michael Conorby KaitlynBMOC
{This is a story in which Michael doesn't make it into IRL, and it's after Boy Band}
  • boyband
  • irlfanfiction
  • lifeline
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If I Knew Then by FrickingKaos
If I Knew Thenby Tracy Parr
On his 17th birthday, Nick confesses his deepest darkest secret to Brian but little does he know that Brian is hiding his own.
  • backstreetboys
  • slash
  • nickcarter
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The Heaven in My Child's Eye's  by PassionAngelLove
The Heaven in My Child's Eye's by PassionAngelLove
At only 18 years old, Nick finds out that his ex-girlfriend Tera is pregnant with their child after he preforms his solo song on stage. At the order of Tera's parents, N...
  • bsb
  • love
  • ajmclean
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Backstreet Boys Imagines by lcvechance
Backstreet Boys Imaginesby zie
A book of imagines for AJ, Howie, Kevin, Brian and Nick; !fluff, sadness and a pinch of angst! requests are always open!
  • kevinrichardson
  • fanfiction
  • imagines
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Donnie Wahlberg's Daughter by NickJonasLALove
Donnie Wahlberg's Daughterby NickJonasLALove
Donnie Wahlberg is a member of New Kids on the block and has a daughter named Rissa he is protective of her what happens when he finds out about her disorder will he lea...
  • markwahlberg
  • backstreetboys
  • nickcarter
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