Chapter 18

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Nick's POV

The weekend finally arrives and I'm excited I couldn't wait for Mal to see her surprise the horse was outside so were the guys and their families Jack and Katherine were with them. I walk upstairs then go in our room, I walk over to her and hold out my hand "Come with me I have a surprise for you." She looks at me then takes my hand and stands up I smile then we walk downstairs I stop at the door then take a deep breath this was it. I open the door then we walk outside she stops when she sees everyone standing there "Surprise." She smiles then hugs all of them she stands and talks with all the girls now it was time for her to see the horse.

Mallory's POV

We all walk down to the field close to the house the guys and their wives stop and stand behind us, Nick follows me as we reach the fence. I'm stunned I couldn't believe it Nick had bought me a horse it was a buckskin just like the one I would ride every day while we were staying in Wyoming I run my eyes over the horse he was perfect I loved him. Nick wraps his arms around my waist "He's for you do you like him?" "He's perfect thank I can't believe you did this you didn't have to." He looks at me then smiles. "I wanted to it's an apology gift for everything that happened." I had forgiven Nick months ago but this helped I kiss him then wrap my arms around his neck.

Kevin's POV

The girls break off into a group and go for a tour inside the house while we all sit outside with Nick as he fires up the grill. I was happy to see my friends back together I could tell Nick had grown and learned a lot through this process he had changed in a good way it was good to see him past his depression and back to the way he used to be I knew that Nick would never cheat on Mal again he devoted every part of himself to starting their relationship over. This time he wasn't going to make any more mistakes "We're all proud of you Nick this time you've got it I think you will make it." He sends a glance toward Mal inside then smiles "I know we will everything is going to be great." I was glad they were happy the two of them were perfect they completed each other.

Kristin's POV

We follow Mallory as she leads us through the house all the rooms were beautiful, as we walk around we all gush over the house and the décor they had picked an amazing house. We walk in the kitchen and sit down I was glad the two of them were back together I'm glad they were happy I look over at Mallory as we snack on one of the vegetable trays. "If Nick pulls anything that again I'll hurt him for you and cut off his favorite body part." Mallory and all the other girls laugh. Rochelle looks over at her "We are all really happy for the two of you we're glad that you're back together." Mal smiles "I am too I think we are a lot stronger now I don't think anything else will come between us." I knew she was right we were all able to see the difference in Nick. They would be happy together.

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