Chapter 37

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Mallory's POV

I take a deep breath then finish getting ready today Nick and I were going to find out if we were having another boy or another girl. I just wanted this baby to be healthy since it would be our last I walk downstairs then walk over to Nick he smiles then holds out my coat I take it then put it on. He wraps his arms around my waist then looks down at me "Ready?" I nod then kiss him and wrap my arms around his neck. I pull away then look down at my stomach "Will you be disappointed if it's not what you want?" he puts his hand on my bump then I look at him. "I'll never be disappointed Mal you gave me Jack and Katherine whatever this baby is I'll love it just as much." I nod then we leave the house.

Nick's POV

I look over at Mallory as she lays back on the table I was a little nervous but I knew that everything would be okay. The doctor walks in "Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Carter always good to see the two of you." I smile we were giving him plenty of business. He turns on the ultrasound machine then pours the gel on Mal's stomach I walk over then hold her hand it takes a few minutes then he pulls the picture up on the screen he looks at the two of us. "Would you like to know?" "Yes." "It's a girl." We were having another beautiful baby girl I was thrilled. I lean down then kiss Mal she kisses back and wraps her arms around my neck three beautiful girls and my buddy Jack was good.

Kevin's POV

I look down when I see a tweet from Nick I scroll it then read the tweet. "Carter baby number three is a girl." #babies #growing family I smile then look at the Instagram picture it was a picture of Mal's stomach while they were outside I was happy for Nick I knew he wanted to have a big family. By the way things were going so far he was going to have one it was like him and Mal were the two most fertile people on the planet I wondered how many more the two of them would end up having. If they were happy I was happy but I was looking forward to having another "niece." Since we were all family.

Kristin's POV

I was outside playing with Mason and Maxwell I look up when Kevin walks over with a smile on his face. "Have you seen Nick's tweet?" I shake my head "No why is Mal and the baby okay?" "They found out what they're having it's another girl." That was great news I was happy for the two of them I knew they could handle this. "That's great I can't wait to take the pictures for them they always turn out amazing I'm happy for them wonder what they will name her?" Kevin shrugs then starts playing with the boys. "I'm sure it will be just as unique as Nickolas Jackson and Katherine Rose but him and AJ are the only ones who've had girls." I laugh it would be Nick and AJ.

Mallory's POV

I look over at Nick as we are walking down the street, my parents we were watching Jack and Katherine so Nick and I were having a day out. "What should we name her Nick?" He goes silent while we continue walking and I let him think about it for a while. "I like Grace for a middle name what do you think?" I nod then think for a few minutes "Sierra Grace Carter?" He stops walking then looks at me. "It's perfect I love it." Sierra Grace Carter I liked it, Jack, Katherine and Sierra they were all unique and special names to us Sierra was perfect. I reach over then hold his hand and we enjoy spending the day together.

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