Chapter 16

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Howie's POV

I look down at my phone and see Nick calling I hadn't heard from him in a while so this was surprising I take a breath then answer. "Hey Nick what's up?" "Hey Howie do you, Leigh and the boys have anything going on next weekend?" He hadn't asked for any of us to visit in a while so I knew that something was up. "Is everything okay?" "It's great Mal and I are back together we're moving into our new house this week I've sold our house in Franklin plus it's been awhile since Mal has seen all of you." I was impressed and I was happy they worked things out and got back together. "Next weekend?" "Yes." We didn't have any plans plus this was a special occasion and it had been awhile since we saw Mal. "We will be there." "Thanks Howie." Saturday was going to be interesting.


I take a deep break from playing with Ava when my phone rings I pull it out of my pocket then answer. "Hello?" "Hey AJ what are you doing next weekend?" It was Nick and that question made me a little nervous because I didn't know what he was up to. "Nothing that I know of why?" "I have a surprise for Mal we've worked things out and I know she would like to see all of you again." I didn't know if Mal could take another surprise from Nick but we had all missed her and Nick so it would be good to see them and the kids again. "We'll be there." "Thanks we're moving to a new house this week I've sold our house and the house in LA." I didn't see that coming but if they were happy that's what mattered.

Brian's POV

I'm not surprised to hear from Nick and I'm happy that he sounds excited he was back to his old self so that had to mean good news from him and Mal. "Mal and I are moving this week but I have a surprise for her I know she would like to see all of you again so I was wondering if you would come down next weekend?" I had seen Nick do a complete change during the last few months. He was my best friend I listened when he was upset, we all helped him through his depression and when he was going to counseling we should be there when he was happy I was glad they fixed things Nick had learned from this. "We'll be there glad you fixed things." "It won't happen again." We hang up then I go talk to Leigh Anne.

Nick's POV

Mal and I spend the week taking boxes to the new house after the movers deliver our furniture Mal knows where she wants everything to go it doesn't take long for everything to come together. I was happy moving here it would be new adventures for all of us it was also the chance for us to make new memories, happy ones I was also a little sad as well. I was sad to be leaving we did have some good memories and good times while we lived here but I knew that we needed a new start but at the same time I know that the two of us would be ready for this. I couldn't wait for Mal's reaction to seeing her horse and all the guys again.

Mallory's POV

Nick and I leave Jack and Katherine with my parents while we are moving everything in I hated that we weren't getting time with them but I knew we wouldn't have to worry about keeping an eye on them. With the two of us working together bringing in boxes and setting up our bedroom and the kids bedrooms it doesn't take long for the two of us to have everything done the only things I would have to do is make all the beds which I could handle. I stand in the living room of the new house then look around, Nick walks up behind me then wraps his arms around my waist "Ready to live here?" I turn around then look up at him. "Tomorrow is our first day I can't wait." He smiles then we leave.

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