Dancing Machine (Taeyong)

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You couldn't take it anymore.  Your feet were ridden with blisters with skin peeling off the bottom.  For days, you had been practicing for a dance competition where you were representing your high school.  There was a huge rivalry between the two competing schools, and yours had a nice winning streak.  In other words, you couldn't lose.  

"Aish," you groaned, collapsing on the hardwood floors.  Your muscles had never ached more, and nothing but exhaustion was smeared across your face.  

"Hey, are you alright?" someone asked, and you suddenly sat up.  "Y/N, right?  I'm Taeyong."

Suddenly, the pain vanished from your body, and you felt like you could dance for eons.  Standing in front of you was your idol.  Lee Taeyong.  The boy who had created the winning streak two years ago as a freshman.  All two years, Taeyong had entered, and he had blown the competition out of the water.  You had always admired the way he could twist his body and become the rhythm itself.  You had tried many a times but to no avail.  But how did he know your name.  You were just a nobody... right?

"Y/N?  You okay?"

You pulled your act together, managing a weak smile.  "Of course!  Just taking a break."

"How are things coming along?" he asked, softly, taking a seat next to you, and you tried to hide the blush spreading across your cheeks.  

"To be honest, they're not coming along.  The dance is awful.  And if I keep it up, my feet won't  be able to dance at all.  Anyways, I'll think of something."

"What if I help you out?  I can be your partner.  I didn't enter this year because I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up the streak, but seeing your determination has me back in track.  So, wanna do this together?"

You nodded, unsure of what you were hearing.  But slowly, you two began practicing, making sure each move was perfect as you danced side by side.  By the end of the week, you two were in sync, just in time for the competition that afternoon in the school's auditorium.  Nervously, you adjusted your black shorts and maroon top.  Anxiety crept it's way up into your throat until finally, it was time for you both to go on stage.

"If we win, I have a surprise for you," Taeyong winked as you took your positions.  For some reason, that gave you just the motivation you needed, and your knees stopped trembling once the music began.  Just like the two of you had practiced, you danced not only with your body but with your face, glancing over at Taeyong once in awhile, as you communicated through each other's eye contact.  You knew the climax was coming up where you would both do a somersault side by side in unison.  Even if you were a split second off, the dance would be ruined.  Yet, Taeyong had told you to trust him.  And for some reason, you did.  Your cue played, and you quickly leaped into the air, twisting your body before landing at the same time as your partner, and the two of you couldn't help but grin widely.  You'd done it!

Backstage, you waited on the judges to calculate the scores, Taeyong assuring you that you both did great, but you were still slightly nervous.  The other team had also put up a performance.  Now, it just boiled down to the fine details.  Both groups were called back onstage to hear the results, and you nervously fidgeted with the hem of your shirt, Taeyong quickly taking your hand in his to set you at ease, but your heart starting fluttering even more.  

"Congratulations to Y/N and Taeyong!" the announcer exclaimed, and you began jumping up and down in excitement.  

"Ready for your surprise?" Taeyong asked once you were back in the practice room.  That dance practice room was basically your second home, at this point.  

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Go on a date with me.  Um, I guess you don't have to if you don't want to-"

"Taeyong!  Are you kidding me?!  Of course I will!  I was still figuring out how I was going to ask you on a date.  Thanks for making my job easier," you joked. 

Taeyong wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you closer to him.  "Dancing machine Taeyong always saves the day, hmm?"

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