Dear Readers

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Dear Readers,

I don't know most of you all's story as to why you guys self harm, buy I hope that this story encourages you not to. I don't know what place y'all are in when you are reading this, the only thing I know is that you are reading it.

Some of you might be contemplating suicide, or already are about to commit and are looking for that one last thing to tell you don't do it. Well, this is that one last thing. Whatever it is your going through, whether it's domestic/emotional/verbal abuse from your parents/guardian or boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse, or you get bullied in school, suicide is not the answer. I promise that everything will get better. I promise that no matter how bad your situation you're in, there is always someone who cares about you even though you think there is not. You may not even know the person, but they care about you and do not want to lose you. God loves you and sent his son to DIE on the cross for YOU, because he loves YOU. Some of you readers might not be believers in God, or may be of a different religion, but he does love you and doesn't want you to kill yourself. You are here for a reason, don't end your life because you might be the one that is suppose to save someone else's life. The world needs you here to make it a beautiful place. I can't promise that there won't be pain throughout your life, that there won't be sorrow, but I can promise that with that pain and sorrow, there will always be good, happiness, and joy. I love you, and I care about you, and I don't want to live in a world that doesn't have you in it. You make the world a better place, you. Please don't kill yourself. You do not know how much the world needs you. It will get better. Suicide doesn't solve anything, it is just a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

And if any of you out there are thinking about self harm or are about to self harm I want you to stop. Think about it more carefully. Is the problem worth harming yourself over? I know what it's like to have your demons clawing at you, and have those voices in your head screaming at you, but I'm here to tell you that you do not have to listen to them. You have control over them, even though you don't think so. Is your temporary problem worth the permanent reminder you put on yourself? You don't have to harm yourself to feel okay. I know how addictive self harm is, and I know how it seems like it erases the pain and numbs your ability to feel, but what happens when the numbness fades away? Do you harm yourself again, but only a little more than you did the first time? I know that harming yourself seems to work, but it really doesn't. You will always feel pain, it's a party of life. There will always be pain in your life, but eventually it will go away. I am a addict of self harm, but I'm getting better, and so will you. Whenever you feel like hurting yourself, click yourself with a rubber band as many times as it takes until you don't feel like hurting yourself, and if that doesn't work, do something to take your mind off it. Read, write, draw, clean, dance, sing, paint, create imaginary friends, do something to take your mind off of self harm. You are strong, I know you have the strength to fight your demons and overcome this addiction. It's okay if you relapse, that's just a part of recovery.

And for those who battle eating disorders, you are beautiful just the way you are. You do not have to be skinny to be beautiful. It's okay to eat. You are you, and you are beautiful, no matter how much you weigh. For those who battle an eating disorder, you are worth more than the number on the scale. That number does not define who you are. Don't let the mirror and scale control you. The mirror will deceive you, it will make you see what it wants you to see, don't let it win. I want you, right now, to go to your mirror and say, "I am beautiful." over and over again until you believe it, say it everyday if you have to, because those very words are true.

I love and believe in all of you.



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