The Girl In The Stockings- Poem

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It's like an addiction

And I can't fight it

All I can do

Is feed it

Today isn't like yesterday

Yesterday I had a reason

Because she yelled


I didn't wash the dishes fast enough

I left my brother

2 minutes

Too long

In his stinky nappy

She hit me

Called me names

Names like selfish



Names I had heard


Thousands of times before

From my mirror mostly

But today

It's just a low day

Not really for a reason

It's after midnight

My family long asleep

I'm sitting on my bed

I just finished

The crimson droplets

Sitting between the cracks

Of my upper thigh

And my lower thigh

Taunting me

Teasing me

Just sitting there

Refusing to slide down my leg

Refusing to hit the ground

I had put the knife to my leg

Felt the familiar sharp sting

As it sliced through

I had even held a finger each side

Urging it open more

Praying that tonight

Would finally be the night

Where instead of drying and scabbing

They fell

The rush of actually bleeding

Would finally come to me

But it didn't

And as much as it hurt

And as much as it hurts others

I don't regret it

I would regret

If my mother

Found out

I would regret

If my family at all

Found out

I would regret

Certain other people

Finding out

But I don't regret the cuts

They're easy enough to hide.

Written by KillerQueenpoison

A/N: Hello everyone, Cierra here. Isn't this poem so amazing and so true? Well, it's true for me. Follow the writer KillerQueenpoison.

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