Scars I Cannot And Will Not Miss- Poem

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I am not happy.

I am not glad.

I am lonely.

I am sad.

I sit on my bed, alone I cry,

As I whisper my sad lullaby

I slowly press a blade against my wrist

As I count my scars I cannot miss

They bring back tales of misery. And dark days I was doomed to see.

Then I stop and think of you

And the promise that I made to you

I then cry in pain

As I remember you were just the same. You left me here to rot and die.

You left me here to scream and cry.

I slowly drag the blade against my wrist. To leave another scar I will not miss.

Written by Domlixalot

A/N: Hello everyone, Cierra here. Go follow Domlixalot, the writer of this beautiful poem. SHe is an amazing writer and I hope you enjoyed her poem as much as I did.

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