Self Harm Is A Silent Addiction

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These are poems and songs that I write because I do self harm. I'm not going to lie to you. Self harm is a silent addiction and no one should harm themselves in any way. If you do self harm, you are not alone, remember I self harm to, and I would like to hear your story, and maybe we can help each other out. If you don't self harm, don't start, and don't make fun of people that do. Self harm IS a silent addiction and it's hard to stop once you start. I hope you enjoy reading this. Each week or whenever I feel like I need to, I will write something in here. Not only will I put poems and songs that I wrote on here, I will also put poems that I found on the internet and just spoke to my heart. There will be stuff about suicide and eating disorders as well, but it is mostly about self harm. I will also write short stories about love and sacrifice so look out for those as well.

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