I'm Sorry- Poem

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This poem is for parents

And I want them to see

That whatever I did to them

Then I'm sorry

I'm sorry for crying

I'm sorry for hurting

I'm sorry for lying

I'm sorry for yelling

I want my parents to see

The real me

I want them to accept me for who I am

But I'm always feel like a huge disappointment to them

So I would like to say I'm sorry

I'm sorry for screaming silently

I'm sorry for shaking violently

I'm sorry about being bad

I'm sorry for constantly being sad

You want me to understand what emotional pain you're going through

But have you put yourself in my shoes

Have you ever tried to understand what emotional pain I'm going through

You caught a glimpse of my wrists and you find something alarming

I'm sorry for being this huge disappointment

I'm sorry for not being the perfect daughter you've always wanted

But most of all 

I'm sorry for SELF HARMING!

A/N: I wrote this poem for my parents. It's to say I'm sorry for not being the perfect child they always wanted. I tried to be that perfect child, but at the end of the day, I end up cutting because I get yelled at. I love my parents to death, but they don't put themselves in my shoes and try to figure out why I cut in the first place. They don't see all the emotional pain they put me through. No, I am not abused. I want to cry so bad, but I will never let them see me cry, I can remain strong long enough for them to see that "I'm fine", but then I will break a little more each day. I'm sorry mama and daddy.

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