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Hope In The Air- Poem

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Who will be the sight

For the blind?

Who will be the voice

For the mute?

Who will be the sound

For the deaf?

Who will stand up

For those who cannot stand?

Who but us?

The ones this world will be ran by

Who will be the comfort

For the beaten?

Who will be the light

In a world of darkness?

Who will stand up

And make a change for the world?

If we do not?

Who I ask?

Who but us?

No one will.

The blind will not see

The mute will not speak

There will be no sound for the deaf

Those who cannot stand

Will not stand

Those who are beaten

Will not find comfort

There will be no light

In a dark world

So if you say no

And you stand with me

You will be the sight for the blind

You will be the sound for the deaf

You will those who cannot stand


You will be the comfort for the beaten

And you will be the light

In a very dark world

- David Dreams


A/N: This is dedicated to TheColorlessDreamer. He wrote this poem. He had commented on one of these chapters saying that I inspired him to write a poem, and when I read his poem, I was amazed at how well he had written it. The whole thing captured my heart almost as much as he did. I want all of y'all to stop reading, go on his page, and follow him. I can't wait to read more of his writings. He is truly an inspiring person, and his view on the world is just simply outstanding.

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