Relapse- Poem

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All my cuts are healed

My scars are slowly fading

I'm finally leaving the battlefield

And the dull world I was facing

Everyday is a brand new step

Leaving my past behind

Thinking it would be easy

Nothing could prep

For the difficulties I might find

Everyday I live with this war

Going inside my head

One half says "be pure

You don't want to end up dead"

I want to listen to that side

But the other half's always there

Saying "it'd be easier if you died

No one would even care"

It affects my daily life

It's messing with my head

While you see a knife

I see something to cut myself with

You see broken glass

I see a blade

That's why it's not as easy

As keeping away

From where the knives stay

Sometimes it becomes to much

And the dark side wins

I let the blade touch

The vulnerable part of my skin

I was so close to stopping

But i'll throw that all away

I know I should be dropping

The thing that causes me pain

Too late, it's too late

I've already marked my vein

I'll have to remember this date

So I can try and start again

They say it's a part of recovery

But I still feel like I've failed

What on earth is happening to me

I should've known I'd've bailed

Relapse what have you done to me

Why would you ruin my streak

Relapse you are my enemy

You show me I'm too weak


Author Unknown

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