To Fall- Poem

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To fall, to love, to fall again
To feel the walls closing in
To fall in love only to fall apart
To have you put a dagger through my heart
For I only to you am bound
To have you lift me up
Only to let me drown
Against you I fight
But to have nothing to change my plight
Frantic turns into panic
Panic turns into fright
Fright turns into terror
And terror turns into anxiety
To have you rip me body from soul
To have nothing to fill this empty hole
Only to have nothing but solemn
Because of you
I've fallen

Written by me

A/N: Hey everyone, it's been a while hasn't it? This is a poem I wrote last week during church in all places. It sounds like a breakup poem, but I wrote it to describe the relationship I had with self harm.

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