Author's Note

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Hey guys it's Cierra. I truly love writing this and love seeing your comments. When I first started writing this, I never knew it would be this popular. Thank you guys so so so so so much. I couldn't have done this without you. You've made me stronger. It gave me very strong pleasure to write this for you guys.

I just relapsed last night. I hope you won't think any differently of me. I know that most of you self harm too, but I always felt like I needed to be strong for you guys. I've never been one to tell my feelings, but I feel like shit for doing this to you. I'm sorry for relapsing and not being strong for y'all. I gave up but that doesn't mean that you have to. Please stay strong.

I'm sorry for giving up. Please don't hate me or be mad at me. No, I'm not committing suicide if that's what your thinking, I still have that will to live.

I think it finally happened though. I think I've finally gone crazy. I heard voices in my head last night screaming all of my flaws at me. Broken, fat, ugly, worthless, useless, unloved, disappointment, weak. But the voices in my head were my own. I was screaming all of those things to myself. So my own subconscious hates me.

I'm sorry for not being strong enough. Here I am trying to save you guys from yourself and I can't even save me from myself. But I can fix myself later, right now all that matters are you all. I won't stop trying to save you even though I can't save myself. You are more important. I will always have time to save myself, but I don't know how long I have to save you. I love you all very much and you all are very important to me. If you need anyone to talk to, you can talk to me. I know that I am a stranger, but sometimes it helps to talk to a stranger more than it helps to talk to your best friend.

Stay strong and I will try to post something when I can. Again, I'm sorry for letting you all down by not being strong enough.

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