You Long To Be Comforted But Comfort Never Comes

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I've been told I'm ugly and even though you can't see them I have scars on my chest from what used to keep me alive and scars on my heart from where I had to sew up an emotional wound that still bleeds, and scars on my wrists and legs to remind me of all the wars I have fought with myself and each one I lost. If you look closely into my eyes you'll see a girl hiding behind fake smiles and laughter. If you look closely into my eyes, you'll hear my silent screams and if you look at my wrists you'll see what the people have driven me to do because I believed every single bad thing they said about me to my face. If you look pass the fake happiness you'll see a broken girl crying out for help and her longing to be comforted by someone and have them tell her it's okay and that they'll always be there for her. She wants them to fix her. but that person never came. Everytime people ask me if I'm alright and ask me what happened to my wrist, I just tell them that nothing is wrong and that the cat did it, each time I longed for the person to see through my lie and take me in their arms and tell me no you're not okay and those scars did not come from the cat, but instead each time I answer the person say Oh okay, and you might want to stay away from that cat, and I give them a fake laugh and tell them that my cat is evil, and I watch them walk away, on the outside I look happy. But on the inside, I'm breaking a little more each time and I am on the verge if shattering. I long to be comforted, but comfort never came.


Author Unknown

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