I Tell You Straight- Poem

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A light???

My consciousness returns

As it starts to get bright

I feel myself falling

A faint faraway voice

I hear someone calling

Brighter now

Getting brighter still

I feel myself escaping from this hell

Has it been months

Or has it been years

Since I was stuck in that prison

Trapped with my fears

I open my eyes

And look around

I'm lying in a bed in a hospital gown

The worried looks on their faces makes me ashamed

Sitting and staring

No one makes a sound

"Sorry" is all I can say...

Mother starts crying

My father is sad

Finding me like that

Must have been bad

I get a kiss and a cuddle

A pat from my father

My minds in a muddle

I still manage a small smile

And close my eyes for a while

I promise myself

From this day on and till I die

I'm going to be the best person I can

Or at least try

Like a old cliché

"Live everyday like it's the last

Forget all the bad days

I'm leaving them in the past

The sun is shining

My dark clouds have vanished

My demons have gone

Finally banished

Life is good

Life is great

Forget wallowing in self pity

I tell you straight


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