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There seems to be only one explaination for why people self harm, and that is for attention. But that is nothing but a bunch of bullshit! If we self harmers want to self harm for attention, why do we go so far to hide it from you? Why do we try so hard to keep it a secret? If we wanted attention we would self harm right in front of you instead of a place where no one can see. So what is this attention shit you have made up and passed around until it had become the only explaination? Yes, some people cut for attention, but what about those who truely need to feel the blade or the burns or however they self harm  wash the burdens and the unbearable pain away? What about those who self harm because they need to feel numbness? What about those who self harm for an actual reason? What about those people huh? Are you going to label them off as attention seekers as well? Maybe they don't look depressed, maybe they don't dress in dark clothing or listen to the music you label as "satanic", maybe they always have a smile on their face and are the most happiest person you know, maybe they aren't what you call "emo". Maybe they are fucking normal looking. So if you find out that they self harm, are you going to label them as attention seekers? Well newsflash, maybe if you come down from your stupid cloud, you would be able to see that it is all maybe a fucking act! Maybe that person that seems so happy, is breaking down inside! Maybe that person that looks so normal, could be having some major problems at home! Not everyone is what they seem! You aren't around them 24/7, so how do you know how their life is? Oh, I get it, because of how they look when you are around them right? Those are the key words, look and you. No matter if you're their sibling, or parent, or best friend, or teacher, or whatever you are to them, you never know what is going on in their mind. So when you all of a sudden look at their wrists, stomach, or legs and see cuts and burns and scars, are you going to label them off as craving attention? If so, then I am seriously going to beat your ass. 

-Cierra Wheeler (me)

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