Bullied To Death- Short Story

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I run the blade across my wrist, leaving a trail of red behind. Why did they have to be so mean? What did I ever do to him? When will they realize what they say does hurt?

I just wanted to be liked by someone, it doesn't matter if it was just one person, just someone to tell me that I am loved, but there is no one. No one to love me, to tell me not to give up, to hang in there and everything will get better. I am all alone in a world full of hate and rejection.

I am done. I am done with the pain, with the rejection, I am done with the bullying. That's it, no more. No more starving myself to even try to compare to the beautiful skinny girls in my class. No more binging whenever I eat something because I'm afraid of getting fat. No more cutting or burning to release my pain. I've finally had enough of the bullying. My light has gone out and the flame in my soul has been extinguished. I have nothing to live for.

So tonight is the last day of my life. By this time tomorrow I shall be free in death. That's it. No suicide note, no nothing. No more having to deal with their taunting words. I will make everyone happy by doing what they wanted, I will die.

So society, you've won. You managed to take a once happy girl and crush her soul, damage her, until you succeeded in pushing her over the edge. Are you happy now? I hope you are, because I'm doing this for you. You were my true love, but turned into my worst enemy. Because of you I was bullied to death. My death is my last present for you.

Third Persons POV

She went to supper that night and acted like everything was alright. She laughed and smiled with her family before telling them goodnight. That was the last time her family saw her alive.

That night she took a rope and a blade. She was found by her five year old brother the next morning. She was hanging from her closet with a deep gash carved into both wrists, creating a horrid masterpiece. A victim of bullying.

She thought she was fat, but she was so deathly thin. She thought she was ugly, but she was so beautiful. She thought she was worthless, but she was meant to be an author, a wife, and a mother to two beautiful children. She lost that chance when she ended her life, all because she was bullied. Because of bullying, the world lost a beautiful soul. Such a shame we never got to know her.

The principal announced the news the following day. Everyone was so shocked and felt terribly guilty. The girls who made fun of her for cutting, now cut themselves. The boy who constantly told her to kill herself, drunk himself to death that night. Everyone was stuck on the "If only's." and the "What ifs?".

Her family was devastated. Her mother had to go to therapy and had multiple suicide attempts. Her father became a workaholic and spent most of his time at his office. Her brother didn't know what was going on, all he knew was that his sister was now an angel. Her family never knew what was going on. They never knew about the bullying or the cutting. They never knew about her depression. They hate themselves for not noticing sooner.

All of these things happened as a result of the girl's suicide. She was more loved than she thought. If only she had saw it sooner.

The End

Written by me.


Bullying happens all around the world. This is a story about the outcome of bullying. Self harm, eating disorders, an suicide. It's up to us to stop it. After all it takes one word to break a heart and push someone over the edge. Share this story with your school, spread the word about the outcome of bullying. Don't stand by if someone is being bullied, stand up for them.

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