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» writings by anxiouslypale
» writingsby 🌹
words from my brain. highest ranks: #29 #51 [ongoing]
  • mentaldisorder
  • depression
  • poem
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Letters To No One ➳ [Poetry] by bruisedmelodies
Letters To No One ➳ [Poetry]by sk 🌺
❝i've delicately chosen letters to form words and words to form sentences, each sentence a colorful paint stroke on the canvas of my mind.❞ [ #1 in poetry on 27/08/16 ] ...
  • truth
  • lost
  • thoughts
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from a broken heart by stxrkids
from a broken heartby ˗ˏˋ 亮星
' just words. their life. my life. our life. ©stxrkids Draft: O3O32O16. Published: O6O92O18 all writings made by me. [ ♡ ]
  • poetry
  • reflections
  • problems
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My Heart Beats Only For You by McKenna_Riddle
My Heart Beats Only For Youby McKenna_Riddle
My writings of how much I love this person even though they don't know. Which I know is an obvious cliche but I just how you find some difference in it than others. Thi...
  • letter
  • rap
  • writings
writing pieces by crankthatcarls
writing piecesby carly✨
I write a lot so have some of my stories! All are from my Amino sooOo
  • heehaw
  • random
  • writings
• poetry by chanmishin
• poetryby c a m ė l i a
in which i kill my stress and anxiety by writing poems about my passions, the people i love and myself.
  • letters
  • deep
  • love
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Truth by ZoeOkay
Truthby ZoeOkay
A collection of poems and writings that speak the words trapped in everyones mind, but are to afraid to say aloud.
  • writings
  • zoeokay
  • poems
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words for the wind by foodwut
words for the windby ans
short writings and poems about sad shit like love and heartbreak _______________________________ previously known as "Lost"
  • emotions
  • poetry
  • teen
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The adventure, by yogs99
The adventure,by The_real_quoter
Basically all the little things I think about onto a page and put to words, it may be a little weird and difficult but slowly.
  • questions
  • love
  • writing
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Thoughts of a fearless mind✨ by _rociollanes
Thoughts of a fearless mind✨by Rosie
Same as in // simplicity // ( // simplicidad // ) here, I show you another part of my life resumed in short texts. I always had that needing of putting in words what I f...
  • shortwritings
  • young
  • love
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Mirror Of The Soul by umbraluna
Mirror Of The Soulby umbraluna
Within the mind of others can be a side not many see or feel like others do.
  • thoughts
  • poetry
  • poem
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Knight Dreams by knight4696
Knight Dreamsby knight4696
In my dreams I am ...
  • writings
  • dreams
  • nightmares
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Shkrimet e neteve te vona by Armela07
Shkrimet e neteve te vonaby Mel
Keto jane disa shkrime, te rastesishme , te frymezuara secila nga gjera te ndryshme.
  • shkrime
  • short
  • writings
The Thing Inside by ThatOneShe
The Thing Insideby ThatOneShe
The thoughts of a girl who stays up late at night.
  • feelings
  • shortstory
  • latenight
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Short Writings by HippieForever
Short Writingsby Nicki
I like to write short writings that I find inspiration and I hope others find them inspiration as well
  • short
  • story
  • writings
Putting pen to paper by lost-in-thought-13
Putting pen to paperby lost-in-thought-13
There are four parts to my life: The falling The crash The climbing The recovery This is my story. Blog: https://lost-in-thought-13.blogspot.com
  • happiness
  • emotional
  • hope
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Dear me... by Audykhalista
Dear me...by Audy Khalista
Kata orang, ada banyak cara untuk melampiaskan rasa sedih. Salah satunya adalah dengan menulis, jadikan kesedihanmu menjadi sebuah karya indah. Walau ada orang berkata...
  • lovequotes
  • quotes
  • broken
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Writings with Sam by IllaAbels
Writings with Samby IllaAbels
handpicked poems written by @shyguypoetry
  • love
  • poetry
  • writings
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Random Writings by QueenMendes98
Random Writingsby Hanavie Grace Cruz
Just things I'd like and want to say. Just random shit a Filipina teenager fangirl wants to say. Bear with me. It's not the best. Poetry is just my hobby not a passion...
  • revenge
  • love
  • poetry
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