Our World Is Broken- Poem

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Grades are getting low

And the teens are getting high

That 12 year old is pregnant

And her parents wonder why

A 1st grader is swearing

A 3rd grader has been raped

Just take a look around you

Isn't the system great

Who isn't faded these days

Teens are sending nudes

Kids are getting beaten

The teachers see the bruises

No calls for help are spoken

Teens are smoking weed

Young girls are cutting

This isn't what we need

The marks of taunt and yelling

Parents are divorced

That 14 year old is drinking beer

This can't get any worse

A little girl has killed herself

Nobody seems to care

Another kid has been expelled

For a stupid dare

But it needs to change

Our world is officially broken

It's time to take a stand

Your thoughts need to be spoken


Author Unknown

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