The Girl- Poem

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She was sitting on the floor

Looking so unsure

Her mind was blowing

But she kept going

The day she was the worst in her life

She took a knife

And didn't think twice

That what she was doing may end her life

The scars were showing as she rolled up her sleeve

And thought to herself

"I want to leave

All my friends are gone and my parents fight

I've had enough of this

I've lost this fight."

She wrote to her parents saying

I love you so

But I can't handle this

I have to go

But when I die

Don't cry

Look up to the sky and say goodbye

She grabbed a rope

As she lost all hope

Tears running down her face

As she started to pace

In her mind

She was thinking why

As she walked up the stairs

She realized no one ever cared

As she tied the rope onto the hook

She took one last look at the things she loved most

Her parents weren't there to stop what happened next

As their little girl breathed her last breath

Two hours later her parents came home

The house was quiet as they opened the door

A they walked to the girl's bedroom door

They were surprised at what they saw on the floor

There layed their daughter who had finally given up on the world

Kendra Henry

A/N: riahs_lil_sissy sent me this and asked if I could put this in my book. I read it and was amazed at how well written it was. It totally told the story about a girl who gave up on the world. You were able to feel the emotions that were coming out of the girl, and were able to picture the whole scene in your head. Well done Kendra! Ok, now I feel like some English teacher lol. But seriously Kendra, you have a gift for poetry, and I hope to hear more from you. Also, Kendra, did you have a title for this? Because if you do, I want it to be right because this is your poem, and I want it to be your title instead of one I put for it.

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