Who Are They?

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Everyday we walk around and we see people. We see people at school, the grocery store, the mall, the library, down the street, everywhere we go we see people. But just who are they? What's their story? Are they happy like their outward appearance suggest? Or is there something deeper as to what they are feeling? There are always things about people that we cannot see, nor can we even begin to imagine. Everyone has different problems going on, whether it's abuse, bullying, self-harm, suicidal thoughts, insecurity, anything. We sometimes like to find ourselves thinking, "Well my problems are worse than theirs." but is it really? Is there really a  problem that's worse than another? What might be a horrible tragedy to one person, can be just one of the things that someone else wishes they could go through instead. No matter the problem, each one is a huge deal to the person going through it. 

Who are these people that society label as troubled? Is it the kid that dresses in all black and listens to music that most people are afraid of? Or is it the child going through the loss of a best friend? Or maybe it's the elderly woman who lashes out at everyone who tries to talk to her? All of these answers may be correct, but there are so many more answers out there that we never even consider. Like the popular girl who seems so happy with life, or the jock of the school that seems to have his whole future ahead of him, or that person who smiles at everyone and brightens everyone's day, or even the person who bullies you or you bully. The answer to this question goes on and on and on, but to make a long story short, everyone goes through their own secret burdens that they keep out of the sight of others. They carry the weight of their burden around on their shoulders, and no one ever sees them struggling to keep it up. These people are good at hiding their problems, but we need to be good at seeing them. 

There is no problem that is any more worse than another, and no one is ever what they seem. Everyone is balancing their burden on their shoulder and they are struggling to keep the weight up. They go around everyday with a mask on their face, but who is the person behind the mask? Who are these troubled people? Who are they?

Written by me

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