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Hello, lovely readers!

As always, I wanted to thank you for reading the Flower and the Avenger.

I regret to tell you that my next update will probably be very, very delayed due to an injury of mine. I love playing volleyball, and due to repetitive use of my right shoulder my rotator cuff has torn. It is now extremely difficult to even move my arm to rest it on my keyboard.

However, this is not to say that The Flower and the Avenger is discontinued. I will continue writing it, but typing one-handed is typically not my forte, so this is just a note to make you readers aware that the next update is probably not tomorrow, or sometime near next week.

I sincerely apologize for those who were looking forward to my next update. I will do my best to think up and draft new ideas for this story to fashion this into a better book.

The Flower and the Avenger was meant to be a simple story, and I certainly hadn't expected over 20,000 reads on this. As such, after I finish this book I will go back and edit it.

I have gotten some comments and messages sent to me about my constant grammar and spelling errors, and it is in my best interest to make sure that you are all satisfied with this.

Since the bad news is over, I am introducing another idea that I've been thinking about these past few weeks.

The Flower and the Avenger might have a sequel.

Actually, I've been considering making this into a trilogy- book one, The Flower and the Avenger, book two, The Forgotten Fiance, and book three, The Eyes and the Heart.

I assure you that not all three is going to be about Sakura and Sasuke. One is going to be Naruto's and Hinata's love story- placed in the same environment as The Flower and the Avenger. I still haven't thought about it thoroughly enough, and this isn't a guarantee that I'll be able to make it this far. But, I wanted to share this to boost my inspiration.

The Flower and Avenger is eventually coming to a close, but the ending that you readers all wish for might not be the one that you believe it is going to be.

Thank you for understanding, and again, I sincerely apologize for my inconvenience and I promise that from now on, my health will always be in check to satisfy you readers.

Best, Storywriter

(Good luck figuring out what would happen in the second and third books!)

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