Chapter 35

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She still wasn't used to it.

The constant staring everywhere she went, even when she went to go use the bathroom and went to get some snacks- she always had the feeling that she was being watched. Whether it was a good or bad thing, she didn't yet know.

She kept looking over her shoulder any time she was alone; the unsettling feeling wouldn't have it any other way.

"...Miss Sakura?"

She snapped out of it as she automatically smiled. Her smile grew wider as she took the waiting hand. "Hello, Crow!" she said warmly as he pulled her to the dance floor. "Did I mention that you look wonderful tonight?" he said as he twirled her around to the music. "Oh, I'm blushing. Thank you very much."

"It is nothing to thank me for, I was simply telling the truth. Ah, is that young man over there your chosen?" he asked suddenly as he looked over her shoulder. Sakura blinked as she turned her head back to see a annoyed-looking Sasuke with his arms crossed. She tried to hold back a laugh, "Oh my, he doesn't look too happy, does he?"

Crow smiled behind his feathery mask. "Please know that I have no ill intentions. There would be no way that I would steal away the lady of honor." Sakura shook her head as she laughed lightly. "I'm flattered. You're such a gentleman, Crow."

"Now it is time for me to thank you, Lady."

"Just the truth, after all."

The music ended quite abruptly as the two of them let their hands go, automatically going towards the snack bar. "I must say, the salad is quite delightful," commented Crow as he took a heaping of it. "May I ask who prepared it?"

Sakura chuckled. "It was my friend, a Hyuga. The name is quite popular in the village, no?"

Then, as if it was right before a storm, a dark cloud passed over his eyes, losing the light completely and turning the shiny onyx completel coal black. "Yes... her eyes are quite beautiful, aren't they?" Sakura felt a slight shiver, though she wasn't sure why. "They are..."

"...How did you know that Hinata was a she? I never specified."

And then just like that, the dark cloud disappeared, leaving the polite gentleman back again. "Just a hunch," he smiled. "No male I know has skills as great as these."

"Then you must not have met many people."

Crow dusted off his hands as he held them out again, smiling. "Would you like to dance?" Sakura smiled. "Again? I would think you want to kidnap me, for all the time you've spent with me."

"Haha, as inviting as it sounds, I simply want to dance with a lovely lady."

Sakura shook her head and laughed until someone tapped her on the shoulder. "It's time to switch partners." She turned around, "Ah, sorry-"

Sasuke's glowering face greeted her as she took a step, taken aback. "S-Sasuke! I didn't realize you were here-" she laughed nervously as he took her hand and pulled her straight to his chest. Her breath caught as he lifted her high up, right in tune with the music, then set her back down. However, his graceful and gentle touch was completely antonymic with the cold look on his face.

"Don't talk to that person."

Sakura frowned. "Who? You mean Crow?"

"He's not trustworthy. And his name is definitely not Crow."

Sakura blinked as he whisked her around to the dance. "Do you know him personally? Do you have a grudge against him?" Sasuke sighed. "I don't like him. He doesn't give me a good feeling- and what sort of name is Crow, anyways? He reminds me of someone unpleasant. Don't talk to him."

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