Chapter 7

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When the special package finally arrived, Sakura's eyes shot out of her head.

It was a huge box, towering over her and the size of the fountain behind her. Three men were carrying it, so Sakura supposed that it was very heavy. "We're supposed to carry THAT?" shrieked Ino. "I just got my nails manicured!"

One of the delivery boys whistled. "Well, it's pretty heavy so I think that you're in the wrong places, honeys. Let the big boys carry it for ya," he winked. Behind Ino, Hinata gagged.

Sakura narrowed her eyes. "We were sent here by the lady. We will be the ones carrying this." Hinata stammered, "W-what? There's no way we can-"

"Yeah!" Ino stepped up behind Sakura. "Don't tell us what we can or can't do," she snapped at the delivery boy. "We are perfectly capable of carrying this ourselves... aren't we?" she whispered to Sakura, a little nervously she might add.

She whispered back, "We're fine. I've got this." She then turned to the bewildered delivery boys. "I appreciate you for your offer, but we're good. Thanks." She spoke crisply and sharply. "You sure? It's really heavy," grunted one of them. "We're sure. Bye!" She waved them off.

Ino had an eye ticking. "Why couldn't we have punched them? They were hitting on us, you know!" Hinata coughed, "It would give a worse rep to Uchiha than it is now..."

Sakura stared at the massive package looming in front of them. "Well, I'm just not sure of how heavy it is..." She pushed at it.

"Hey! You guys!" Ino groaned. "Just great. It's Naruto." Sakura ignored his as she shouted, "Naruto! What are you doing here?"

The blonde boy stopped and gave them a smile. "Number one Hokage at your service!" Sakura blinked. "Huh?"

Naruto stuck his chest out and pointed a proud thumb at himself. "That's right, I'm gonna be Hokage someday! And all of you," he then pointed to the girls, then the fortress, "are gonna have to respect me!"

Sakura frowned. "But I respect you. What are you talking about?" Ino nudged her shoulder. "You mean you really don't know?"

"Don't know what?"

Ino looked like she was about to speak, then thought better of it and shook her head. "Well, he'll tell you about it one way or another."

Sakura glanced hesitantly at the silly boy who was singing, "Hokage, Hokage!" while dancing in circles. "All right... if you say so," she said uncertainly.

Naruto stopped and tilted his head. "What's with this huge box?" Hinata finally spoke up, her face as red as a tomato. "I-It's a package for U-Uchiha, N-naruto- kun," she whispered, blushing harshly.

He scratched his head, seemingly oblivious. "Oh really? What is it?"

"Obviously, we don't know," snarled Ino under her breath. "Man, you're dense." Sakura frowned slightly at Ino. "Anyway, I need to carry it."

Naruto's eyes flared with alarm. "No way, Sakura! It's so big, I dunno if even I could carry it!" A vein pulsed in Sakura's forehead. "You calling me weak, Naruto?" she snarled, punching him on the head. Hinata let out a little gasp as Naruto screamed, "OW!"

She huffed, then turned to Object Number Two. "All right..." she muttered as she grasped the box by its sides, then lifted it with no problem.

Naruto's eyes bugged. "WHOA! It's like, you're super strong or something!" he awed, gazing at Sakura and her new friend. "That's probably cause I am strong, idiot..." growled Sakura, annoyed.

She managed to lug the package up the hill and dumped it on the red carpet, muffling the thunk! Then, a voice said, "Thank you. I'll be taking that, now."

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