Chapter 5

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"What do you think you're doing?"

Sakura winced.

Lady Tsunade stood at the front of the door. "Sakura!"

Before she knew it, she had been dragged into the Lady's office. "What were you doing in there?" she shouted, angry. Sakura let out a shaky breath. "I got lost, m'lady. Your map wasn't... uh, I mean I lost it," she fibbed. Sakura figured that if she mentioned how confusing her map was, it would not get her any closer to keeping her job.

Tsunade sighed. "You're lucky that it wasn't Uchiha that found you out, I have mercy. But if I ever catch you in there again-" Sakura stiffened and squeaked, "It will never happen again, ma'am."

Tsunade relaxed. "It better not."

She started to talk. "I called you in here because I never did ask you what your strengths were. I assigned you to a bunch of jobs that I didn't even realize you didn't know how to do. I apologize for that." Sakura blinked. This was not what she had been expecting.

Tsunade continued. "So I need to know any of your past jobs, your strengths, your weaknesses, both physically and emotionally. That way, there won't be any more... ah, mess-ups." Sakura winced. "I understand."

Tsunade leaned forward. "So? Spill."

And so she did. Sakura told her about her family's poor state, how she came here in search for work to support them, and how she seemed useless in her own way. "Nobody is useless, not while working here," declared Tsunade as soon as those words left her mouth. Sakura felt warm and fuzzy inside.

"What are your strengths?"

Sakura had a ridiculous memory about the name game back in her school, how every new student had to introduce themselves and say what their strengths and weaknesses were. "I... I'm a helpful medic, I can clean pretty well, and I might not look it, but I'm pretty strong," she smiled. Tsunade grinned. "Well, you and I both fall into the 'strong but looks weak' category. Anything else?"

"I... I possess a good amount of knowledge. I can't do much more, but odd jobs are fine as long as they are nothing specific. I can panic when I'm in danger, I..." She faltered, not wanting to share the rest. Fortunately, Tsunade understood.  "Very good, thank you." Tsunade stood up. "Well, I didn't give you a schedule, so I guess you can go and dust up all the pottery in the hallways. Ugh, Uchiha needs to fix them, they're all so gloomy."

Sakura managed a faint smile before leaving.

Her heart was in a frenzy. What if... what if Sasuke was the one to find me? she wondered, then decided she didn't want to know.

She turned a corner to ram straight into a woman with pretty brown hair. "Oh, I'm so sorry!" she apologized. Then she studied her.

She really was pretty. Mesmerizing, doe-like brown eyes that seemed to melt you like chocolate every time you stared at her, shoulder-length cocoa hair, and two rectangular purple markings that were oddly cute. "No problem, it's fine," she assured Sakura.

Sakura nodded. "What's your name?" She blushed. "Rin. Rin Nohara." Sakura smiled. "Nice to meet you. Again, I am so sorry."

"Ahh, it's okay."

They began walking, though Sakura didn't exactly know where. "Do you work here?" she inquired. "Yep. Been working here about as long as Kakashi and Obito did."

"Kakashi and Obito? Who's that?"

Rin stopped and swiveled around. "Oh! You must be the new girl." Sakura winced. She didn't like new girl. "Yep, that's me," she said a bit weakly.

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