Chapter 25

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I just wanted to say...

I am really sorry for lack of update, I'm just going through a little writer's block and this is my fourth time (yes, fourth time) rewriting this chapter. For those who might have been wondering if this is still a Beauty and the Beast AU, yes, it still is. I know that it's been straying really far lately, and I'm sorry for that.

For those who keep up with Disney...

THE LIVE ACTION MOVIE IS COMING OUT SOON! EEP I'M SO EXCITED (you can tell I'm a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast... yeah, but Emma Watson is playing Belle and I'm a huge sucker for Harry Potter 😆)

Anyway... please enjoy this chapter!





Sakura gaped as his hands went from the metal poles on the sides of her bed to her chin, holding her face in tightly as he opened and closed his mouth in a rhythmic pattern.

Then slowly, just slowly, her memories came tapping back.

From the day she came here, to her sweat-filled first days, to when she met her roommates, Rin, the wolves, the ball...


But she remembered this man.

Sasuke. Sasuke Uchiha. The man that she... loved.

And by the looks of things, he loved her too.

Her hands hung limp at her sides as she found no strength in her arms to push him away or pull him closer- her brain deep-fried, feeling nothing but bliss as Sasuke kept his lips firmly upon hers.

She heard Tsunade shrieking as she closed her eyes, feeling her body afloat as she saw only black- the color of his hair, the darkness of his eyes, the chilliness of his stare.

Except, there was no chill when it came to him.

"Uchiha! Please release her at once!" yelled Tsunade, red-faced. Sasuke said nothing as he kept Sakura still, then pulled back only slightly. His eyes were still closed as she peeked.

"Lady Tsunade."

"Yes, what is it?" she barked.

"Please do not make me angry. I have gone through a terrible week, and what I am doing right now is extremely private. I must ask you to leave. At once."

"Excuse me, I cannot do such thing! Sakura is in dire need of medical help and I'm the only one who can treat her-"

"Have you forgotten that I can fire you?" said Sasuke sharply, his face still half an inch away from Sakura's waiting, trembling lips. "With all due respect, sir, I can't-"

"Please leave. Do not make me say it again, or you will face the consequences."

Tsunade fell quiet at that, before muttering, "Only once, Uchiha. Do not assault her while I am gone. You might own this place, but I run it quite well. Don't forget that." She got up from her chair as she slammed the door shut, the lock clicking.

There was a moment of silence.

"Finally," breathed Sasuke first, Sakura startled; she didn't expect him to be the one to break the tentative quiet.

"You know how long I've been waiting to do this?" He was still just half an inch away from her, making her unsure if she wanted to lean forward and kiss him or have him go farther away. "Do you know how long I've been trying to reach you after that witch was gone?"

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