Chapter 20

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Happy twentieth chapter! Wow, this came so far... I'm proud :')

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"My betrothed, Karin Uzumaki."

And with this, Sakura felt her mind go sober instantly- no dizziness, no buzzing, not even an headache- and she suspected that it had nothing to do with the pills that Sasuke had given her.

Still... she had seen the way he looked at her. A revolted stare, a look that would freeze anyone in their tracks and send them off running- except that girl, of course.

Speaking of, she was making a beeline towards Sasuke and pushed Sakura out of the way in the process. "Sasuke! Baby! How were you doing? I heard about the massacre. So, so terrible." She stroked his arm.

Sakura's mind went blank as she pushed her aside. "Ugh! What do you think you're doing?" screeched Karin. "You don't push the heir to the Uchiha around, got it?"

Oh really? You just flounced up here and shoved me to the side like I was an obstacle. You mentioned the Uchiha mass killing as if you were discussing the weather. You come here, now, years after Sasuke needed someone to comfort- just what kind of betrothed girl are you?!

All these thoughts ran through her head as she said, "You pushed me."

"Excuse me? You're getting in my way. Sasuke, dear, tell her to move! I need to see you," Karin snarked. Sakura held her head high and advanced- until a hand stopped her.

It was Sasuke.

"Stop it," he murmured to Sakura. Her breath caught. "What?"

"She... she's my chosen beloved. From my family's wishes. I need... I need to be with her." Now, did she imagine it when he looked guilty? No, it couldn't be, because all she saw was a blurry outline of the redhead and Sasuke as tears dribbled down her cheeks. "O-okay," she whispered, before she left out the already-open door.

Faintly she heard, "Who was that girl, Sasuke? She looked like she was totally into you. Not that I care."


...she's just a friend of mine."

With that, her pace became quicker, and quicker, until she was running down the hallways and eventually sinking down to her knees as she sobbed out all of the heartbreak that one sentence had caused.

I'm just a friend of his.




Naruto saw her running out, crying.

He couldn't figure out that girl. One second he was flirting with her (was he flirting with her? He could never tell) the next second she was dancing with another dude that he assumed that was Sasuke, and then she ran out crying.

Why was she crying?!

Now, Naruto wasn't one to think much. Hell, the most he ever thought was when dinner would be served. But he wasn't that stupid to not realize the connection between his cousin and Sakura.

Karin was a sucker for men- especially Duckbutt Hair. He didn't even know why the girls always threw themselves at his feet. He was handsome? Please. The most he was ever handsome was when Naruto threw flour in his face. Now that was good-looking. But past the point...

He stormed over to the two and whispered furiously, "What the hell are you doing? Go after her, you idiot!"

"Shut up, you loser. I can't."

Naruto only grew angrier as he listened, "She's Sakura! The girl you liked- hell, even loved. You're giving her up for Karin?" Karin lifted her nose in the air, "Huh. So you were cheating off of me, Sasuke? That's a little too low, don't you think? Especially off of trash like her-"

"Shut up!" Naruto and Sasuke both yelled at her. They glanced at each other in surprise as Sasuke rushed to say, "I didn't cheat off of her. She was nothing to me."

Naruto shoved Sasuke, "You sure? Who gave her that dress, huh? Who treasured her? Who said that they wouldn't let her go?" He stayed silent as Karin clutched her grip around his arm even tighter. "You wouldn't understand," he muttered.

With that, he exploded. "Well of course I don't understand! This is about status, right? Why would you even give a damn about your stupid status if everyone hates you?!" He stared, open-mouthed, as Karin's face slowly got redder. "That's right, let it ring. Everybody hates you! You're icy, you're cold, and you've been playing with the one girl who've ever seen past your stupid ego! So they way I see it," Naruto shoved past Sasuke, "you're the damn loser here, you loser."

Anyone would feel good after that speech, right? Anyone would feel awesome for kicking butt, right?


Because the one he was fighting for was still sobbing away in a hallway.




A little short... but I think I expressed my point here.

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