Chapter 29

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"I'm going to hold another ball."

Sakura looked up from her book.

She and Sasuke were spending time in the library, after Sakura had finished all of her chores and Tsunade let her go. They spent their time studying and reading until Sasuke interrupted the comfortable silence.


"I said," he repeated, an edge to his voice, though whether it was amusement or annoyance Sakura couldn't tell. "I'm holding another ball. Two weeks from now."

She wasn't sure if she should have been happy or horrified. "Why?" she said cautiously.

"Because I feel like it."

She groaned inside, she hated it when he said those indifferent answers. "I mean, of course you feel like it, but why now?" She put emphasis on the now.

It wasn't that Sakura was uncomfortable with the thought of having another ball, just that the last one led to her near death and heartbreak. Karin had disappeared, but that didn't mean that she was gone for good.

"Because. I think it'll be... fun."

She considered it. "Fun?"

"Yes." She turned around to see Sasuke's eyes staring at her. "Is there a problem with it?"

Straightforward as always.

"Well, it's just... Karin," she said, studying him carefully. "I know that she's gone, but what if she comes back?"

His eyes darkened as he turned aside. "She won't be back. I'll assure you that."

Sakura had always been pretty good at reading expressions, but his was... almost scary to read. It was like a horror thriller, knowing that you wouldn't like what came out but the exhilarating experience that you would feel.

"All right."

Sasuke spoke a little more softly. "Do you have a dress?"

"Huh?" Oh, yes. A dress- that beautiful pink gown that she'd worn in the last ball. "Yes... the one that you got me," she said, ducking her head a bit, embarrassed. The way she'd acted when she first kissed him at the ball- it was her very first kiss, and by hold cold he had been, it was Sasuke's first too.

Just... it brought bad memories...

"Throw it out." She snapped out of it. "What?"

"Throw the dress out. It isn't good enough for the ball."

"It is called a ball gown for a reason, you know."

"It's not extravagant enough. Throw it out."

She sighed. "All right, all right, I will." What was his problem? And how was it somehow 'not extravagant' enough? Just how 'extravagant' was this ball going to be?

He smiled. "Thank you. I'll make sure to give you a dress when time comes. Did you like the pink one?" She nodded, blushing a little. "Yes, and it fit perfectly. Thank you, Uchiha."



He leaned back. "So the color was fitting enough? I had Shizune send me your measurements." She nodded. "It was perfect, thank you."

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