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Criminal Case ~SasuSaku~ by Kit_Katzzz
Criminal Case ~SasuSaku~by •Ash•
Sakura Haruno, or as known as by most, Detective Haruno. Known for her problem solving and bravery, she serves a big role in putting criminals to justice. Whether she st...
  • action
  • romance
  • sasusaku
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Fearless Trust (SasuSaku) by SakuraCherryCat
Fearless Trust (SasuSaku)by Sakura Cherry Cat
Sasuke has left the village and Naruto has gone on his journy with Master Jiraiya to become stronger. Sakura being left by her team mates has trained harder then ever wi...
  • anbu
  • naruto
  • narutoshippuden
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Naruto Future Relationship's: The Next Generation by IsleCore4
Naruto Future Relationship's: IsleCore4
***** Currently on hiatus ***** *This story does not follow laws of time travel. Don't like don't read* Hagoromo interrupts the preliminary rounds of the Chunin exams, n...
  • inojin
  • shikadai
  • shikatema
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Unplanned by KuriQuinn
Unplannedby KuriQuinn
"Pregnant?" Sakura Uchiha speaks the word as if it's a foreign concept; as if she isn't a fully qualified medical professional who has not only studied the va...
  • drama
  • sakuraxsasuke
  • family
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Switched by Luna_Hime20
Switchedby Luna_Hime20
What if everything was switched around? what if Naruto was never the kyuubi holder, and The Uchiha massacred never happened so Sasuke was never bitter and lonesome. wh...
  • hyugahinata
  • hope
  • naruhina
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Sakura by Jessie_V_
Sakuraby Jessie_V_
In an Alternative Universe there is no Uchiha massacre and the Forth Hokage with his wife are alive. So what's wrong in this side of universe? ~What if Sakura was an orp...
  • sasuke
  • naruto
  • sakura
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The Story Of:Two Clan Combining (a BoruSara story) by nextshinobi
The Story Of:Two Clan Combining ( Saruto Uzumaki (from the futu...
This story start when Boruto return to Konoha, after 2 years training with Sasuke. Sarada wasn't expecting he to come back. They will be encounting with so many obstacle...
  • inohima
  • naruhina
  • mitsusumi
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Friendship Knows No Bounds (a sasusaku fan fic) by smileymcxoxo
Friendship Knows No Bounds (a Munchi_Mc
As young children, Sasuke and Sakura were really close. Not just close, but best friends. Sasuke protected her from bullies and in turn sakura brought joy to his life. ...
  • highschool
  • comedy
  • action
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✔ My Last Romance [A SasuSaku Fanfiction] by MistyAnnE_04
✔ My Last Romance [A SasuSaku Writress
Three lonely years has passed since Sakura Haruno last seen her long-time crush. And after Sasuke left the village, he finally came back for an unknown reason. With him...
  • naruto
  • regret
  • love
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🌏Back in Time!🌒 {A Sakura Haruno Time Travel Story} by MandangoTango
🌏Back in Time!🌒 {A Sakura 💫Mandango💫
So in a middle of a war with malicious Orochimaru, Naruto and Sasuke fought each other at full power and blew themselves up = ded. And Orochimaru found out and started t...
  • timetravel
  • haruno
  • naruhina
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The New Girl:NaruHina Love Story by WolfKaila
The New Girl:NaruHina Love Storyby WolfKaila
Hinata Hyuga has never had an easy life. Sure she was born into a wealthy family, but that never.cover up the emotional and physical pain. Her father cheated on her moth...
  • sasusaku
  • naruhina
  • high
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Annoying Employee •SasuSaku• by potatoejung_
Annoying Employee •SasuSaku•by mariuwu
Cold, cruel, the cafe manager. Also known as Sasuke Uchiha. Kind, cheery, the cafe newbie. This one is Sakura Haruno. Of course the only remotely thing they have in comm...
  • naruhina
  • sasusaku
  • work
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Just a Touch by TheDancingRose
Just a Touchby TheDancingRose
Sakura Haruno, a girl with bubble gum pink hair and emerald eyes. She has a special kekkei genkei of her bloodline. Nobody knows what will happen when a Haruno touches s...
  • sasuke
  • geninteamseven
  • romance
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💡Lost In Time💡(Sasusaku) by TomatoUchiha
💡Lost In Time💡(Sasusaku)by TomatoUchiha
It all started on a game... And that's it They choose to go there then... BOOM! They are both lost in time ●•●•●•●•●•●•●•●•●•● DISCLAIMER: I don't own Naruto and other N...
  • funny
  • sasusakugenin
  • sakura
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Thirteen Reasons Why (Sasusaku) by winterwatcheralways
Thirteen Reasons Why (Sasusaku)by Black_Iron_She_Devil
(Warning SAD) After returning to the leaf village after many years, Sasuke Uchiha is shocked to find that a certain pink haired kunoichi is no longer among those of hi...
  • ino
  • tapes
  • heartbrake
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A tu lado by Ranko_Higurashi
A tu ladoby Ranko_Higurashi
Haruno Sakura ha esperado el regreso de Sasuke a la aldea. Han sido años de bastante sufrimiento, pero eso está por terminarse cuando por fin ocurre lo que tanto esperab...
  • sakuraxsasuke
  • sasuke
  • sasusaku
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Mi Rival by GaliHaruno
Mi Rivalby GaliHaruno
¿Qué pasaría si esta vez Sasuke estuviera enamorado de Sakura y no al revés? Y para complicar las cosas un poco Itachi fuera el amor platónico de la pelirrosa, por lo qu...
  • marimacho
  • genin
  • sasukeuchiha
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DollFace by AnimePotato_101
DollFaceby _Hatter_
WARNING: SLOW UPDATES Oh how fun it would be to sleep for eternity? "Tch. What a pathetic excuse for a shinobi." But shinobi aren't supposed to cry, right? ___...
  • inner
  • narutoau
  • narusaku
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Bloom Again by FangirlJo
Bloom Againby Joanne ✌
-A Naruto Time Travel Fanfiction- Have you ever wanted Sakura to be the main character-To be someone who actually makes a bigger and obvious difference? Well, 18-year-ol...
  • hatakekakashi
  • multisaku
  • nejisaku
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A mission of love (under construction) by KarenU28
A mission of love (under KarenU28
After an unforgettable break up with her boyfriend, Sakura Haruno swears that she will never love again. Aphrodite, the goddess of love, takes it as a challenge. The go...
  • sasusaku
  • random
  • sakura
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