Chapter 13

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Well, this wasn't what she had expected.

Judging from the outside, she sort of thought that the interior would be like a haunted mansion- spooky, cobwebs everywhere, old creaking doors and bookshelves falling apart with the smell of a musty old attic.

She definitely did not think that it would resemble a modern, sleek library room.

The wallpaper, for starters. It was a marble gray, a flash of blue indicated within the patterning. The bookshelves were a classic, modern shape, with rows and rows of books that didn't look old at all. The carpet- oh, the carpet, ever so soft like a wolf's hide and the color of a newborn lamb's wool. There were throw chairs in the corner with a desk and a couple of other chairs in the center.

Sakura gaped at everything, taking in all the beautiful scenery. "It's amazing," she breathed. She could have sworn Sasuke chuckled- since when did the uptight teen chuckle? "I know, right? I didn't design it. Your friend Ino insisted on it." She flushed. "Ino did this?"

She supposed that it did make sense, judging on how his own bedroom was designed. This room definitely felt more... alive. "Yes," he said, walking over and settling comfortably on a chair. "I must say, she did an amazing job, wouldn't you agree?"

"Most definitely."

He stared at her, still gaping. "What are you still doing standing? Chairs exist for a reason, idiot." Her cheeks tinted red. "Sorry," she muttered as she hastily took a seat.

"You're wondering why I called you here." She nodded silently, still breathless at the library room. "The Hokage informed of your daily behavior, as she did with everyone else. You interested me." Her tinted cheeks turned just a shade redder. "Did she?" she said, a little dazed.

"Yep. She said that your vast knowledge is incredible, especially at how poor your education was. I called you here to do two things. The first is, how you obtained that information." Sakura hesitated. "Go on," he invited her.

"When I was a child," she began, "my parents didn't have much money, as you know." He nodded. "So, in a result to that, I had to earn money starting from age seven. I learned a few of my medical skills there. When I turned twelve, my parents earned enough money to hire a governess- actually, she was a close friend of ours so she offered to educate me in her own time."

"I see," said Sasuke carefully. "So you didn't obtain any information illegally?" Sakura was taken aback. "No, of course not!" she said, ruffled. "Calm down. It was an important question; I just needed to make sure."

Sakura huffed slightly. "All right, I suppose," she said finally. "Thank you. The second thing is, now that I know where your origin of knowledge comes from, that you'll be taking some of these books to study."

Sakura blinked.

And again.


"I said," he said impatiently, "that you'll be taking some of these books. From my own collection." Sakura said indignantly, "But why would I do that?"

"As 'amazing' as your skills are, you need to be properly educated. That means," he said, narrowing his eyes at her, "you need to learn to keep up."

Sakura's breath hitched.

Is he for real? I'll go to school?

"Of course, since you're... what? Nineteen? Twenty? You'll have to get a governess. All you learned isn't the facts of the world, it's just a pinch that helped you survive. After you may or may not leave this place, however, you need a good educated background. I'm helping you."

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