Chapter 30

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Wow, I did not know that I would make it this far xD Usually I just give up after about five chapters of no one reading them, I'm just impatient I guess.

Shoutout to @kittywazowski for guessing right... to those who are curious, just go and check her comment in the last chapter!

Thank you for requesting songs! I'll try my best to make the ball in the thirty-fifth chapter, though I'm not too sure about what I'm going to fill in between. I'll do all I can do though!

Thank you all readers for sticking with me this far!





Sakura frowned as she watched Ino twirl in another dress.

It was Wednesday, and it also happened to be the day where both girls were free due to their quick work in the manor. They went out for a bit (with Tsunade's permission, of course) to buy Ino an outfit for the ball.

Not that she didn't have enough, of course.

"Soooo?" Her cheery voice snapped Sakura out of it. "What?"

Ino rolled her eyes. "How do I look? Do I look fabulous or something?"

"Or something," admitted Sakura. Ino was in a silver-sequined minidress that came with a pair of shiny boots that would make anyone cringe. Even she, with no fashion sense at all, could tell that the dress she was wearing was a complete no-go.

Ino pouted. "Then what? I don't want to wear that dress I did in the last ball. Choji got stains all over it when he forced me to dance with him."

"You danced with Choji?"

"It was a masquerade party! How was I supposed to know that was him?"

Sakura stifled a giggle as she selected another dress. "How about this one."

"Ew, no."

Sakura sighed as she fell back into the plush chairs. "What, then? Geez, I had a better time selecting dresses that you did, Ino." Ino shot her an exasperated look before saying, "Okay, I'll tell you exactly what kind of dress I want. It has to be really cute."

Sakura snorted.

"You didn't let me finish! It has to be really cute, with a lot of space to show my legs and a good amount of sparkle. Purple, too, like a lavender kind. I don't like indigo or whatever." Sakura hefted her feet up as she said, "Good luck. Why don't you ask Shizune to make you a dress, for how detailed you want it to be."

Her face brightened. "I should!"

Sakura face-palmed.

They eventually found something that was pleasing to be Ino's eye and Sakura's eye. It was a lavender dress with a skirt that stopped right at her knees, then billowed out to her feet behind her in many, many ruffles. The sleeves were a see-through light violet that made Ino scream when she saw it.

"It's perfect, it's perfect, it's perfect!" she gushed as they hefted on their horses. "Yes, it is," admitted Sakura. Ino smiled. "Thank you, Sakura."

"What, me? I didn't do anything."

"You're the one who picked out this beauty for me, remember?"

"Yeah, but it was a total accident."

Ino snorted. "Accident, yes. But it was still perfect. So thanks. Don't make me say it again."

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