Chapter 6

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"You. Wake up."

Sakura stirred, but didn't speak as she shifted to another side. Whoever was telling her to wake up got annoyed, as they yelled, "Hey, wake up!" followed by a sharp jab in the ribs. Sakura winced as her eyes flew open.

Her first thought was, Whoa.

Eyes still blurry, Sakura gazed at the gardens and the rose fountain that seemed pixelated, but somehow more beautiful. She could see every drop of the clear water drizzle on the water pooling inside the huge bowl of granite, and the Uchiha crest that spewed the stuff seemed in slow-motion as it spun round and round.

Her second was, Uh-oh.

Sasuke Uchiha was standing in front of her, glaring.

She bolted up. "Uchiha! I- I apologize-" Her brain flew a mile a minute.

Sasuke's glare softened a bit, like steel to rock. "What are you doing here?"

Sakura vaguely remembered a date with Naruto... no it wasn't a date, was it? They were gazing at the stars... Sakura teasing him... him with welts...

She blurted out, "Lady Tsunade sent me out here to get some fresh air last night because I have never stepped out one foot in weeks, sir." Strange, was she still supposed to be dizzy? If so, she was and the world was going berserk.

He stared her down. She gulped, she could understand why people were so afraid of him. "I see. Without my permission?" he quipped. Sakura swallowed. "I didn't know, Uchiha."

Sasuke continued talking. "No servants are allowed to be outside except for a certain few that I handpick myself. And I am very sure I have never allowed you to gain this privilege." Sakura nodded, black dots dancing in front of her eyes. "Yes, sir. I apologize-" She was hit by a sudden wave of pain in her head, and she slumped face-forward into Sasuke's arms.

He almost dropped her, not expecting her to slump forward like that. "Hey!"

His surprised shout barely reached Sakura as the world spiraled to nothingness.


Sakura woke up, for the second time, in the infirmary.

She winced as she brought a hand to her head; it was bandaged and the cast was as hard as crust. She tried to sit up and was immediately brought over by a wave of nausea.

Rin hurried past her, then backtracked. "Oh! You're awake!" Immediately, Sakura's mouth was unhinged open as she poured in three drops of sweet orangey liquid inside. "Swallow." She obliged.

Sakura puffed out her cheeks as she asked, "What happened?" Rin kept her hands busy as she talked. "Well, you were brought out by everyday fatigue, shock, and stress. Don't overexert yourself more than you have to. You're going to rest here, for at least two more days- Lady's orders." Sakura started to protest, but Rin shoved a huge brown pill in her mouth. "Chew."

Sakura chewed and swallowed; it tasted terrible. "Ugh- who made this?" She remembered from her study with Tsunade that it was a food pill- an energy booster. "You made it. It was the only food pill left, so I grabbed it and adjusted it for a bit so that it would suit to your illness."

Sakura winced. "Did I really make them that bad?"

"No, it's the best-working pill we have yet. It's just, ah, not many people like the taste." she chuckled. Sakura managed a smile, then another thought leapt to mind. "Uchiha!"

Rin frowned. "What?" Sakura hastily explained what had happened. "Oh, Uchiha. Well, he brought you in here and called for emergency treating. It wasn't that big of a deal, you would have been fine, but he seemed especially worried." She winked at Sakura. She blinked back.

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